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Blue Moon for Ultrasound

Don’t wait for an accident or for your warranty to expire. Blue Moon for Ultrasound provides valuable benefits for during and after warranty. Plans go beyond your warranty by offering probe protection, preventive maintenance visits, battery coverage, and applications training. Blue Moon for Ultrasound enhances both the proficiency of your staff and economic value of your imaging system.

Blue Moon Coverage Options for Post-Warranty

Receive valuable benefits throughout the system's lifecycle by selecting the plan that best meets the needs of your practice.
Blue Moon Elite
Blue Moon Prime
Annual Extended Warranty for Ultrasound

Blue Moon for Ultrasound Systems Post Warranty

Blue Moon for Ultrasound Systems Post Warranty Blue Moon Elite* Blue Moon Prime* Annual Extended Warranty

Disaster Response Program - complete loaner system

  • To help sites recover from fire, flood, or a quarantine event

Scheduled Remote Applications Training (1 hour, 2x per year)


Preventive Maintenance - aids with facility accreditation


Transducer Protection - covers accidental probe damage

  • First drop forgiveness - a one-time free replacement for first incident
  • 50% discount off replacement transducers (unlimited)

Battery Coverage


Enhanced System Coverage - next day advance swap service


Remote Technical Assistance - network, phone, remote


Technical Call Center - phone support


Software Updates


Key benefits of Blue Moon plans include:

Preventive Maintenance (Blue Moon Elite)

The Preventive Maintenance benefit delivers care and servicing by field service personnel for the purpose of maintaining the ultrasound system in optimal operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection and correction of incipient issues.

Probe Protection – covers accidental probe damage (Blue Moon Elite and Blue Moon Prime)

The Ultrasound Systems' compatible probes are covered against accidental drops and bumps. In the event of such an accident, the probe is replaced, as needed, at a discount of 50% of the probe list price (unlimited discounted incidents). Since the probe is the costliest item of the system to replace, this benefit provides additional peace of mind for ultrasound environments.

Battery Coverage (Blue Moon Elite and Blue Moon Prime)

The Ultrasound Systems' batteries increase the portability of the unit by enabling the user to use the system anywhere and without AC power. If the battery dies or becomes weak, simply call our support line with the claim and we will send you a replacement battery. Return the old battery within 10 days to avoid the replacement charge.

Remote Technical Assistance (All plans and warranties)

This benefit provides remote assistance to aid when issues arise or when a user needs some guidance. Get simple access to assistance to make a change exactly when it is needed. Take advantage of the latest remote technologies to streamline support. Screen sharing is used to better demonstrate operation to users. Requires Internet access from the control station. This service can also be used when IP addresses or other configuration setting changes are needed.

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