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SONIMAGE HS2 Portable Ultrasound System

You’re in safe hands with the SONIMAGE® HS2 Portable Ultrasound System. With all the advanced capabilities of the HS1 System, the HS2 System delivers a compact superior imaging system with an intuitive touchscreen user interface for rapid and confident evaluation. The HS2 System provides dynamic imaging along with enhanced needle guidance for therapeutic procedures in a compact design. What’s more, the broad frequency linear probe, L18-4, allows you to scan both deep and superficial joints and structures.

  • Superior image quality for confident diagnosis
  • Improved needle visibility
  • Easy to use intuitive touch screen


High Contrast and Wide View Monitor

SONIMAGE HS2 on mobile stand

Increased visibility

The HS2 System clearly detects small vessels and slow blood flow with high resolution blood flow mode.

Confident ultrasound-guided interventions

Needle visualization is essential for accurate and successful ultrasound-guided procedures. From regional anesthesia to biologic injections, ultrasound not only images the anatomical structures but also highlights the advancing needle. Simple Needle Visualization (SNV®) software, available with the SONIMAGE® HS2 Ultrasound System, provides greater needle visibility of the needle tip, shaft and injectate for confident needle placement.

Easy to navigate

An intuitive touchscreen, eight button console, and focused ultrasound exams minimize your learning curve, with no need to navigate a knob cluttered keyboard. Simply select a focused exam preset and relevant functions become accessible on the top level screen.

Optimized images

The UltraAdjust image optimization feature allows you to change imaging parameters by simply adjusting the depth. Various imaging settings are programmed during system installation and can be linked to a predetermined preset.

Display icons your way

You can select probes and applications on the customized short-cut screen. Up to twelve (12) icons can be shown.

Digitally draw on images

The HS2 System offers a unique function to write or draw lines and figures using your finger. Clinical images with overlaid drawings can be stored in the system.

Full screen capabilities

Simply swipe your finger for full screen display.

Advanced Technology for Superior Image Quality

sonimage hs2 screen full display mode

Aiding definitive diagnosis

The SONIMAGE HS2 ultrasound solution provides you with exceptionally detailed images and the performance you need to make a definitive diagnosis, potentially reducing the need for additional diagnostic imaging exams. With advanced features, along with our high frequency linear probes, the L18-4 and the HL18-4, the SONIMAGE HS2 ultrasound solution provides improved image detail, high contrast resolution and exceptional image quality. This advanced level of Tissue Harmonics, T(2)HI, is ideal for superficial imaging.

Exceptional image quality

Suppressing acoustic noise to ensure the optimum image for deep and superficial structures, Dual Sonic, Konica Minolta’s proprietary technology, uses a unique transmitting algorithm which enables it to transmit two waveforms depending on the focus depth. In combination with T(2)HI technology, formation of the high-quality signal is focused around the center of the ultrasound beam in the receiving area.

Konica Minolta's high frequency linear probes

The L18-4 and HL18-4 linear transducers, compatible with the SONIMAGE HS2, provide improved image detail, high contrast resolution and exceptional image quality.

diagram of sonimage HS2 dual sonic technology

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