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Company History

With 150 years of endless innovation, the future of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas continues to look bright.

Composite image of a map of Japan, Rokusaburo Sugiura, first camera, and AeroDR HD panel

It all began in 1873, when Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic materials in Tokyo. By 1900, the company had developed its first camera. Japan’s first plain paper copier was introduced in 1971. A merger of Konica and Minolta was accomplished in 2003, creating a corporate giant with wide-ranging expertise in digital, optical and electronic technology for healthcare and other markets.

With 150 years of endless innovation, the future of Konica Minolta Healthcare continues to be bright.

Rokusaburo Sugiura founder of Konica Corporation
The Startup of the Business of Konica Corporation

Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic and lithographic materials at Konishiya Rokubeiten in Tokyo

Japan’s First Brand Name Camera

Marketed the “Cherry Hand Camera”

Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten established

Kazuo Tashima established Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten (Japan-Germany photo company; the precursor of Minolta Co., Ltd.).

Released the first made-in-Japan color film

Released the first made-in-Japan color film “Sakura Natural Color Film.

Completed the company’s first planetarium unit
1960 Minolta Copymaster
Completed the Company’s first copier

“Minolta Copymaster”

Released the world’s first 35mm camera with built-in flash and AE functions

Konica C35EF

Released the world’s first 35mm compact autofocus camera

Konica C35AF

Minolta OXIMET MET-1471 Pulse Oximeter
Released world’s first finger measurement type pulse oximeter

Minolta OXIMET MET-1471

Released the world’s first copier with zoom magnification/reduction function

Konica EP450Z

Developed an ultra-high-precision aspheric plastic lens for CD players
Minolta 7000 autofocus camera
Released SLR camera with autofocus function

Minolta 7000

Released simple color-proofing system “Konsensus.”
Released medical digital imaging output system

The Laser Imager Li-10, a device to laser-print digital data acquired from CT and MRI scans on photosensitive materials.

Minolta fully enters the laser beam printer market
  • Released monochrome laser printer SP101
  • Released digital color copier CF70
Established new businesses for specialized imaging materials
  • Fully launched business for TAC films for LCD polarizers.
  • Established Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a joint venture for the production of polymerized toners.
Konica and Minolta merge in 2003
Integrated Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd

Created Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

Konica Minolta opened its own planetarium

Sunshine Starlight Dome “Manten” in Tokyo, Japan.

The world's first phase contrast mammography unit is launched

The unit can produce outstandingly clear images of factors critical to identifying early signs of breast cancer.

Withdrawal from the photo and camera business

Opened the first “Digital Imaging Square.”

Released digital printing system

bizhub PRESS C8000

AeroDR digital x-ray panel
Released wireless Digital Radiography system “AeroDR”

Released the world’s first Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) lighting panels using all phosphorescent materials.

Opened the Konica Minolta Planetarium

“Tenku” opened at the TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN®.

Reorganized the group management system and changed the company’s name to Konica Minolta, Inc.

Konica Minolta Healthcare acquires Panasonic Healthcare Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment business to drive business growth for new ultrasound diagnostic equipment.

Konica Minolta acquires Brazilian X-ray system equipment manufacturer Sawae

Addressing an increasing amount of aging X-ray and medical systems in the Brazilian market.

KM acquires Viztek
Konica Minolta acquires Viztek LLC and 20/20 Imaging LLC,

This leading healthcare imaging solution provider in the U.S., strengthens its primary imaging solution capabilities through the addition of the Exa® Platform and X-ray systems for chiropractic, veterinary and podiatry professionals.

Konica Minolta Launches Dedicated Precision Medicine Business

Offering medical care that uses genetic and molecular profiling to optimize treatment for specific groups of patients

xray frame of head from a DDR video
Konica Minolta Healthcare brings motion to X-ray

With the development of Dynamic Digital Radiography, the ability to visualize movement using conventional X-ray

Solar Panels on roof of Wayne NJ Office
Konica Minolta Healthcare installs Clean Energy Solar System at its Wayne, NJ headquarters.
20/20 Imaging launches new VETSMART Digital Imaging System

VETSMART uses AI to optimize imaging technique based on patient size and exam type.

Konica Minolta 150 Year logo
Konica Minolta celebrates our 150 year anniversary

For 150 years, Konica Minolta has contributed to the resolution of issues associated with changes in people's lives and work styles.