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Blue Moon for Integrated DR Systems

Blue Moon Select – For when you want up-to-date performance and features combined with comprehensive system protection. You are looking to maximize uptime with maximum productivity and manage the total cost of ownership for the immediate years to come.

The comprehensive support approach from Konica Minolta, in conjunction with Authorized Service Partners, takes the guesswork out of ongoing support. The Select plans help deliver value and confidence while ensuring the worry-free operation of every U-Arm, Straight Arm, Floor Mount, or OTC system. 

Blue Moon for X-ray Systems Lifecycle Elements

 Blue Moon Prime 

 Blue Moon Select 

 Blue Moon Protect 

·   First Drop Forgiveness - Copay waived once per 3-year or greater term (required 3-yr minimum agreement)



·   Annual Remote Applications Training



·   AeroRemote® Insights – drop alerts and analytical dashboards 


·   Software Upgrades


·   Panel Protection – covers accidental damage
    – $5,000 CoPay per incident - unlimited incidents


·   Panel Coverage – covers normal use detector incidents (no drop)

·   Tube Coverage – no proration


·   Remote Technical Assistance – phone, remote access, includes network and configuration changes, Windows updates (as available)

·   On-Site Labor (provided by the dealer, KMHA, or Biomed – depending on how purchased)



·   Preventive Maintenance, Software Updates (provided by the dealer, KMHA, or Biomed – depending on how purchased)




·   Parts Coverage – X-ray system, portable batteries, non-panel DR components




·   Parts Coverage – Imaging chain (controller, access point, docking station)




The Select plan covers the entire system. Key service elements included are:

AeroRemote® Insights – Remote Monitoring Services with Productivity Dashboards

Active monitoring, live notification, and usage analytics. Online dashboards include the following details: reject/repeat analysis, exposure level statistics, panel drop counts (not available on all models), component health indicators, OS notifications, exam counts1.

DR Panel Protection

Whether stationary in an assembly or used wirelessly, the DR panel is covered. Should the DR panel stop working with normal use, it will be repaired or replaced. With accidental drops or bumps, a co-pay of up to $5,000 applies.

Tube Coverage

Should the X-ray tube fail while covered under the Select Plan, a replacement will be provided at no charge and without prorating based on tube life.

Software Upgrades

Access to the latest Control Station software version to keep up with system improvements and added features. Access to software upgrades means having the latest and greatest features and functionality in order to help maximize workflow efficiency and diagnostic capabilities.

Parts Coverage

Normal wear and tear part exchange/replacement. Provides quick access to replacement parts when an unexpected problem occurs, minimizing downtime.

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