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Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System

Imaging flexibility, image resolution and immediate results in tabletop and standing exams allow you to make informed decisions faster when you use our Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System – helping boost throughput and patient satisfaction for your practice. It provides advanced digital X-ray capabilities in a convenient and familiar configuration for you, to equip most practices to provide general radiography services. 

  • Experience superior image quality
  • Economical and flexible for you
  • Adapts to your patients

Enjoy superior image quality

Capture high-resolution images in seconds with the Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System. Combined with Ultra, the state-of-the art Konica Minolta imaging software, the end result is detailed bone and soft-tissue visualization for a complete diagnostic picture from a single exposure.

Exa Ortho Shoulder Images
Floor mounted digital radiography system

Economical and flexible

Created to meet your clinical and economic needs, the Table and Wall stand are designed to provide flexibility in a digital system. Our floor-mounted system has a table and a floor-to-wall-mounted central column that supports the vertical movement of the X-ray system with a swivel arm. This traditional design requires a fixed table but still fits relatively small spaces.

Adapts to your patients

You can use the Table and Wall stand combination to enable all the imaging views required for general radiology, accommodating patients who are standing, sitting or lying on the table.

composite image showing Floor Mount DR system in motion

More information

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