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AeroRemote Insights

Only Konica Minolta provides digital radiography productivity dashboards to enable users to get more from their AeroDR® assets. AeroRemote® Insights automatically collects and aggregates AeroDR system health and usage data into simple analytical views. A quick glance gives you the insight you need to make smarter decisions to improve departmental efficiencies and individual performance.

Our easy-to-use analytical dashboards help facilities better manage their digital radiography assets by providing intuitive and informative views of procedure volume, staff performance, and AeroDR system health. These simple visualizations of often complex data enable users to make valuable decisions at a glance.

AeroRemote Insights automatically collects and aggregates Konica Minolta X-ray system health and usage data into simple analytical views. A quick glance gives you the insight you need to make smarter decisions to improve departmental efficiencies and patient experience.

CS-7 and Ultra-based control platforms both support AeroRemote Insights, providing valuable analytic views for most Konica Minolta DR retrofit and integrated X-ray system solutions.


AeroRemote Insights example of exposure statistics chart
AeroRemote Insights sample reports chart

The departmental analytic tools help you:


Evaluate Personnel Performance from a variety of metrics to assess user accuracy (reject/repeat analysis), productivity, and exam exposure levels. Easy to view charts and graphs help make sense of complex data.


Maximize System Utilization by analyzing usage trends. At a glance, gain deeper understanding of how, when, and by whom systems are being used.



Minimize Service interruptions with immediate response to critical events (such as panel drops) that get the right people responding instantly. Stay on top of maintenance needs and service contracts with a simple click.


With AeroRemote®, you’ll receive a real-time email notification when an AeroDR® panel is dropped or bumped. Users are prompted by the CS-7 or Ultra Control Station to run a panel check tool that gives an immediate result.

If the panel is damaged, a replacement can be delivered via same-day or overnight shipping. Even installation is fast and easy. Simply insert the replacement AeroDR® panel into the docking station, select the Quick Replacement option, and follow the instructions. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready for your next patient.

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