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See more, see it fast, see it first with the extraordinary AeroDR® HD. We’ve developed the most sophisticated digital radiography detector yet. With the highest resolution and sensitivity, you’ll be able to see things first, enabled by the highest image quality and dose efficiency. And with every image 4X clearer, analysis is better too.

  • More detail for clinical confidence
  • Enhances your productivity
  • Built to last

See in more detail

You’re able to analyse small structures in detail with highest-resolution imaging supporting you with advanced exams. So, you can diagnose your patients with confidence. With the AeroDR HD, you’ll benefit from:

  • 100 Micron CsI Detector: 4Xs more resolution
  • Realism™ Hybrid Image Processing increasing dynamic range to provide more depth/definition
  • Higher DQE and dose efficiency*
  • Extreme resolution (100µ) and dynamic range (200µ) without increasing patient dose
  • The support of up to four seconds of autoexposure detection with no X-ray generator cable connection
AeroDR HD Infographic
AeroDR HD Standard Definition 175µ image

Standard Definition 175µ

High Definition 100µ sample

High Definition 100µ 

The first detector that’s able to switch from High Resolution (100µ) to High Dynamic Range (200µ)

High Definition uses 100µ to give you more detail of small structures. Realism Image Processing enhances sharpness and contrast while keeping the natural granularity of the structures, like bone tubercular, even under magnification. High definition is recommended for extremities, shoulders and other structures where magnification is preferred to improve diagnostic accuracy.

High Dynamic Range aggregates the data from 4 pixels to give you a wider range of grays between all Black and all White pixels – giving you a smooth image and allowing you to differentiate subtle differences in soft tissue.

AeroDR HD Dynamic Range sample

See the difference

Draw deeper insights from your X-ray images. High Dynamic range helps visualize depth/definition in images of complex bone/soft tissue structures like the abdomen, chest, spine and hip.

AeroDR HD Chest Image Standard

Standard Resolution

AeroDR HD Chest Image High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range

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