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KDR DDR Advanced U-Arm System

You want questions answered quickly. No problem, meet the compact, efficient KDR® Advanced U-Arm System with Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR). 

With its array of advanced design innovations that promise to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency, and outcomes, you and your patients will have those answers in no time.

DDR isn’t fluoroscopy, it’s X-ray that moves!

Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR)  is a series of individual digital images acquired at high speed and low dose. And the resulting cine loop presents a diagnostic-quality view of dynamic density and anatomical motion. The motion quantification is made possible with proprietary advanced image processing. 

  • Enhances diagnosis and patient communication
  • Works with your space
  • Experience superior image quality 
filmstrip of x-ray images

Diagnoses with X-ray that moves

Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR) supports the diagnosis of your patients’ thoracic and musculoskeletal conditions by presenting diagnostic detail in full motion.

Enhances diagnosis and patient communication

DDR is Digital cineradiography a proven diagnostic tools to examine joints and structures at rest and in motion. They’ll allow you to analyze biomechanics2 and musculoskeletal injury to give a detailed diagnosis for each patient.

KDR Advanced horizontal orientation
KDR Advanced vertical orientation

Works with your space

The versatile, compact design of the KDR® AU-DDR system makes it ideal for smaller locations where you still need to provide superior-quality radiography services.

Provides superior image quality

You can feel confident every time you diagnose with Konica Minolta’s KDR Advanced U-Arm with DDR System, which employs a state-of-the-art, AeroDR® HD 17˝x17˝ detector that maximizes efficiency, and delivers excellent bone and soft-tissue visualization from every study.

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