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Blue Moon for CR

Protect your aging CR assets while you prepare for newer technology. Don’t get caught with unexpected optical unit or other moving parts repair costs. Whether CR is your main imaging device or used as a backup, protect your investment wisely.

The Blue Moon Plans

  • Blue Moon Elite – For when you are looking to address virtually every scenario impacting equipment, personnel, and unforeseen disaster. You want the best possible ownership experience including the best support, latest software, top image quality, and finest trained staff.
  • Blue Moon Select – For when you want up-to-date performance and features combined with comprehensive system protection.  You are looking to maximize uptime with maximum productivity and manage the total cost of ownership for the immediate years to come.
  • Blue Moon Basic – For the peace of mind of protecting against downtime and extending the life of your systems with reduced initial investment and with the option to purchase additional coverage as needed.

Blue Moon for Computed Radiography





               Lifecycle Elements

Blue Moon Elite

Blue Moon Select

Blue Moon Basic


·     Disaster Response Program - complete loaner system




   o   To help sites recover from fire, flood, or a quarantine event





·     On-site Applications Training - one day per year




·     Cassette Repair Benefit - no fault cassette & plate repair with copay



 o   $150 copay per cassette – 4, 2, or 1 cassettes per year



·     Software Upgrades



·     Remote Technical Assistance - network and config changes


·     On-Site Labor, Preventive Maintenance, Software Updates


·     Technical Call Center – phone support


·     Parts Coverage


Key benefits of Blue Moon plans can include

Cassette Repair Benefit - no fault cassette & plate repair with copay  

Konica Minolta will repair up to 4 cassettes for Xpress, 2 cassettes for IQue and Nano, annually. $150 co-pay per cassette applies. This feature excludes repairs for specialty cassettes (oncology, mammography, stitching, etc.). (Included in Elite and Select)

Software Upgrades

 Always receive the latest software version to keep up with system improvements and added features. Access to software upgrades means having the latest and greatest features and functionality in order to help maximize workflow efficiency and diagnostic capabilities. (Included in Elite and Select)

Parts Coverage

Normal wear and tear part exchange/replacement of costly components. Provides quick access to replacement parts when an unexpected problem occurs, minimizing downtime. (Included in Elite, Select, and Basic)

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