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ImagePilot SIGMA

Do you want simple, yet expandable, imaging capabilities? Designed for facilities with low to medium volume imaging, the ImagePilot® Sigma CR tabletop Computed Radiography solution can grow with your requirements. From basic image acquisition to complete PACS functionality, this entry-level system your first step toward digitization.

  • Grows with your needs
  • High-quality images with one click
  • Simply convert your practice to digital

Grows with your requirements

Discover a high-performance small office digital solution that can grow with you needs. The ImagePilot Sigma system combines the versatile ImagePilot all-in-one acquisition and PACS user interface with the compact, lightweight, and reliable REGIUS® Sigma tabletop Computed Radiography reader.

Superb images with one click of a button

You’ll get consistently superb images with every exposure with AutoPilot. ImagePilot Sigma simplifies Computed Radiography image acquisition with the push of a button. This is made possible by AutoPilot Image Processing which completely automates the image optimization process for you.

Simple to convert

Converting your practice to digital with ImagePilot is simple and seamless as it utilizes your existing X-ray equipment. ImagePilot exemplifies the true meaning of an integrated Computed Radiography system. It combines patient registration, Computed Radiography acquisition, image viewing, and long-term storage in one system that is easy to use and maintain. These advanced features eliminate your need for a separate PACS.

ImagePilot Sigma – featuring the REGIUS® Sigma II CR reader

ImagePilot Sigma includes the REGIUS® Sigma II - Konica Minolta's ultra-compact CR reader.

The ImagePilot Sigma is our smallest and lightest Computed Radiography solution. The tabletop CR reader has a footprint of only 0.31m2 and weighs a mere 28kg.

The REGIUS Sigma II was designed with the environment in mind. Energy consumption has been reduced to 100VA – about the same as a household light bulb. That's one tenth the power of the smallest film processor.

ImagePilot’s AutoPilot Image Processing

This advanced imaging algorithm eliminates the need to specify details about the exam that other systems require for proper image processing. The advantages of these time-saving features for you are:

  • Consistent, superb image quality, regardless of technique or body part.
  • Better workflow – only one click and a superb image is displayed. Other systems require multiple steps prior to acquiring the exam view.
  • Fewer mistakes – because of the single click solution, there is no wasted time correcting views due to mixed up cassettes. ImagePilot does not care what is on the cassette. It figures it out.
  • Self learning - ImagePilot takes it a step further and learns the end users’ specific preferences for viewing different types of images. This improves the experience even more.

All-in-one solution

By combining acquisition, review, and storage into one system, ImagePilot eliminates the need for a separate PACS. So, you’ll benefit from:

  • Simpler workflow
  • Shorter learning curve for new users
  • Consistent user interface at every station
  • One manufacturer for smoother support – no finger pointing between multiple vendors
  • Expandable functionality – grows with your needs

ImagePilot workflow highlights:

  • Patient Registration
  • One click image acquisition – AutoPilot
  • Image Review with annotation and measurement tools
  • CD/DVD burning for distribution and archiving of exams
  • Diagnostic report and referral option
  • Local image storage with backup and remote storage options
  • Distributed workflow to client stations for image review in exam rooms or other locations
  • ImagePilot Viewer - Zero Footprint Viewer – Use an iPad or laptop to easily view images from any room in the office.

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