Sweetwater Community Hospital Converts Entire X-ray Department to Konica Minolta Aero DR

Sweetwater Community Hospital Converts Entire X-ray Department to Konica Minolta Aero DR

Wayne, NJ, June 27, 2013 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas announced today that Sweetwater Community Hospital (Sweetwater, TN) is converting its entire X-ray department to digital with the Konica Minolta wireless Aero DR panel. Konica Minolta partnered with Blue Ridge X-ray, an independent distributor of digital imaging solutions, to obtain the contract with Sweetwater.

“This is a unique community hospital that is making a significant investment in technology for the benefit of their patients and the community,” says Bill Lee, President, Blue Ridge X-ray. “There are many hospitals in large cities that have not converted completely to DR technology, and we are honored to work with such a forward-thinking provider as Sweetwater.”

The installation includes four Konica Minolta Aero DR panels; two panels will replace existing Xpress CR systems and the other two will be retrofitted to the hospitals portable X-ray units. The 59-bed hospital currently has three X-ray rooms and a fourth is under construction.

According to Bob Wilkins, Director of Imaging Services at Sweetwater, the hospital’s focus on the patient and continuity of care were key reasons for converting the entire department at one time. Sweetwater’s radiologists will also benefit with enhanced diagnostic capabilities: they will not have to read both CR and DR patient images, providing consistency in reading and reporting X-ray images.

“With the Aero DR, we can now provide faster turn-around times and sharper images —all of which further enhance the quality of patient care,” says Wilkins. “It is a winning situation for our patients who can now obtain the same high-quality imaging from their local hospital that they would receive in urban tertiary centers, reducing the need for them to travel.”

The key reasons for selecting Konica Minolta Aero DR were the ability to retrofit existing X-ray buckys without major modifications as well as the trusted reputation of the company. Wilkins notes that since Konica Minolta has a consistent user interface between the company’s Xpress CR and Aero DR solutions, the transition and training has been a smoother process.

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