Ultrasound Testimonials

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Increased diagnostic confidence earlier in the care path has real clinical and economic benefits in today’s healthcare environment – and the SONIMAGE® HS1 Ultrasound System plays a key role in making that possible with advanced MSK imaging functionality. The HS1 System delivers superior image detail and contrast resolution in a compact, easily portable unit, promoting confident decision-making and treatment at the point-of-care.

SONIMAGE HS1 is plain and simple

allows us to give quality patient care due to a great product.

“To really expand and make your practice dynamic with ultrasound you need the Konica Minolta Ultrasound System.”

– Warren Slaten, MD

“The system has eveything going for it, its cool, the patients love it and the quality is really, really good.It is perfect for a Physiatrist.”

– Cliff Gronseth, MD

SONIMAGE® HS1 in action

Learn how the HS1 System allows you to make diagnoses that you simply couldn’t before and provide treatment more confidently at the point of care – all backed by a 5-year warranty and our commitment to customized clinical education and technical support designed to make you more proficient, more quickly.

• Better clinical outcomes   • Improved efficiencies   • Increased patient satisfaction

Precise needle location for our patients is beyond important.

Due to the exceptional image quality, our providers can verify this with the Konica Minolta US units.


Ultrasound System has increased our accuracy in needle placement.

“Ultrasound is a requirement for regenerative medicine. It’s not an option. If you are going to take stem cells out of someone and charge thousands of dollars, you better know exactly where you’re putting that needle.”

– Cliff Gronseth, MD

“Ultrasound is a complementary tool to MRI and so we are using them together…Whether it is spinal cord, stroke, EMG-guided botox and phenol injections or neuromas in amputees, we use ultrasound to assist with the diagnosis as well as injection guidance.”

– John M. Lesher, MD, MPH

“The 18mhz probe is phenominal for nerve ultrasound, its awesome.”

– John M. Lesher, MD, MPH

“It has improved the efficiency of Prolotherapy and the accuracy as well.”

– Warren Slaten, MD

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