Clinical Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

SAFIRA® reduces the risk of nerve damage and improves patient outcomes

A clinician led approach:

Regional anaesthesia is currently a two-person procedure
One anaesthetist holds the ultrasound scanner to guide the needle tip placement, while a second operator injects the anaesthetic at the required pressure.

SAFIRA® transforms regional anaesthesia into a one-person procedure
It allows a single operator, hole regional block at safer pressures.

Anaesthetic solutions are often injected at high pressure
This can cause nerve damage, serious nerve damage occurs in up to 1% of procedures and transient nerve damage in up
to 8% of cases.

SAFIRA® helps to prevent injection at unsafe pressures
A built in system helps to prevent injection at pressures above 20psi which reduces the risk of incidences of transient or serious nerve damage occurring as a result of the regional anaesthesia procedure.

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