The versatile, compact, fast and eco-friendly DRYPRO 873 offers a new dimension in image quality and advanced technology. This compact Dry Laser Imager boasts the world’s smallest design yet has a high throughput of 90 films per hour with four film sizes (choice of: 14″x17″, 11″x14″, 10″x12″, 8″x10″). The DRYPRO 873 is mammography ready with 43.75µm and 4.0 Dmax.

With the DRYPRO 873, the developing process has been redesigned for fast mass volume processing. The use of a feed roller in the film supply unit and adoption of the plate-method heating unit contribute to creating the shortest film pass structure. Experience 14-bit grayscale output, 50 seconds first print time, up to three film trays, and a maximum of 16 DICOM connections.

The simple design emits less noise for a user-friendly working environment. The system configuration saves the image data to an external PC, eliminating the hard disk drive from the unit for a more stable system operation. The DRYPRO 873 is engineered for ease-of-use, featuring system status indicators, such as Film Empty and Tray Selection that are easily recognized from a distance.

The DRYPRO 873 is eco friendly and designed for 30% energy savings. The DRYPRO 873 uses heat processing in the imaging step and achieves a 30% reduction in electricity consumption compared with previous types.*

*8 hours/day, printing of 100 sheets

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