Digital X-ray Mobile Solutions

Digital X-ray Mobile Solutions

The mKDR® Digital Radiography System brings advanced digital X-ray capabilities anywhere at your facility.

Clinicians will have the flexibility, image resolution and immediate results needed to make informed decisions faster, boosting productivity and increasing patient satisfaction.


Superior image quality

The mKDR Essential includes a 14” x 17” detector that captures digital images in seconds. When combined with Ultra imaging software modified for mobile use, detailed bone and soft-tissue images are provided from a single exposure.

Space-saving design

The mKDR features a collapsing column and swivel arm to maximize visibility and positioning without sacrificing clinical utility.

Engineered for versatility

A full range of motion enables imaging at bedside, NICU, ICU, ER and even as a backup system for exam rooms.

Designed for today’s environment

AeroDR® Digital Radiography Solutions combine performance and productivity to help your imaging practice run more smoothly and efficiently.

  • 14”x17”
  • Multiple configurations
  • Fully integrated

Movement Collimator Generator DR Control Station Options
Power drive Manual Control Anatomical Program (APR): Fully editable with an unlimited number of programs CPU: Intel® Core™i5-6500TE Processor Multiple Tube/Generator Combinations
Manual Rotation with Detents: 30°~120°- Detents on 30, 60, 90 and 120 degrees Accessory Rails (Cones, Filters, DAP) Control: 17" Touch-Screen LCD Control Panel OS Windows 10 IoT ULTRA SW Pediatric Imaging Package
Collapsible Column Six Blades
Tube Rotation +90° -30° Field Light
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