Minimize Downtime

With Blue Moon, you have peace of mind with dependable technical assistance
around the clock. Get answers to all questions and challenges from “how-to”
support – to remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. Our remote support tools
enable quicker problem diagnosis and resolution and can immediately confirm
the usability of system in question. This rapid response means less unplanned
downtime, leading to better patient care and uninterrupted performance.

Maximize Productivity

Users benefit from the latest and greatest software version helping ensure all
new software enhancements are available to maximize clinical productivity and
diagnostic toolsets. When combined with follow-up training, users will remain
well-trained and best equipped to deliver patient exams with clinical confidence
and efficiency.

Eliminate Risk

With Blue Moon, the most expensive components can be covered against
unexpected failure, eliminating high cost surprises. Blue Moon coverage
reduces financial exposure from unexpected events, such as component failure
or catastrophic disaster, while providing additional economic value by covering
software upgrades and comprehensive support costs in one simple plan.
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