AeroDR® Auto-Stitching System

AeroDR® Auto-Stitching System

The unique AeroDR® Auto-Stitching system works with the AeroDR flat panel detector to provide high image quality and excellent workflow–and is applicable to any X-ray system. In general, existing Digital Radiography stitching processes require the patient to remain still for extended periods of time. However, using the AeroDR Auto-Stitching System enables studies to be performed in significantly less time due to the automatic movement of the detector and specialized slit combination.


AeroDR® Auto Stitching

The AeroDR® flat panel detector can be shared for cassette wireless digital radiography and Konica Minolta’s unique auto-stitching system.

Setting the Entire Exposure Range

A moving slit scans the light exposure field and detects the upper and lower edge of the field. Then the system automatically determines the number of exposures and captures each position in just 5 seconds, which is much shorter than alternative Digital Radiography stitching systems. This unique slit can dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete stitching exams and significantly improve the technologist’s workflow.


Stitching process of AeroDR® Auto-Stitching System

During an auto-stitching process, the alignment of the panel and the X-ray beam via the specialized AeroDR slit mechanism is automatically performed for each study. The X-ray tube remains stationary throughout the entire study and images are automatically transferred to the CS-7 console as they are acquired. After exposure is complete, an auto-stitched image appears on the display of the CS-7 console within 18 seconds.


AeroDR Auto-Stitching System Specifications

Specifications Detail
Applicable FPD
AeroDR 14”x17” HQ/ST
Vertical exposure range SID=95” : Max. 50”
SID=79”: Max. 41”
SID=59” : Max. 31”
Effective image size
(After stitching process) SID=95” : Max 13.75x47” (1,996×6,836 pixels)
SID=79” : Max 13.75x39.25“ (1,996×5,697 pixels)
SID=59” : Max 13.75x31.8” (1,996×4,615 pixels)
Power AC120V, AC220-240V (50Hz/60Hz)
Marker No markers required. Stitching application displays digital markers on the console screen.
Pixel size 175μm
Holding time of patient during
an examination 16 seconds or less
Duration from the first exposure to completion of the third exposure.
Maximum vertical travel range 33.5” or less if using SAE
・Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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