Konica Minolta Introduces Fast, Auto-stitching for Aero DR

Konica Minolta Introduces Fast, Auto-stitching for Aero DR

Wayne, NJ, November 25, 2012 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas introduces a revolutionary auto-stitching system for use with the Aero DR flat panel detector. It delivers high image quality and excellent workflow. A unique moving slit detects the upper and lower edge of the field, determines the number of exposures, and then quickly and accurately moves the detector to capture the images. The exposure is ready in only 5 seconds. Compared to traditional CR/DR stitching systems, Konica Minolta’s auto stitching process can dramatically reduce patient exam time and improve technologist workflow.

During the auto-stitching process, images are acquired by the fixed position of the X-ray tube, the automated movement of the Aero DR flat panel detector, and the specialized mechanism slit. Exposed images are automatically transferred to the CS-7 console where, an auto-stitched image appears on the display of the CS-7 console in just 18 seconds or less.

As with all Aero DR plates, the combination of Konica Minolta’s Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator and the newly developed low noise readout circuitry deliver an excellent DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency).

“Conventional DR stitching processes often require the patient to remain still for extended periods of time. This is not only difficult for many patients, but it can negatively impact the efficiency and workflow of the department,” says Darren Werner, Digital Products Marketing Manager. “Konica Minolta’s new auto-stitching solution addresses these issues and provides clinicians with high-quality, low-dose studies for diagnosis in far less time than alternative stitching solutions.”

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