Konica Minolta Installs First ImagePilot Aero in U.S. at Pinion Orthopedics

Konica Minolta Installs First ImagePilot Aero in U.S. at Pinion Orthopedics

Wayne, NJ, November 20, 2013 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas announced today that Pinion Orthopedics in Elko, Nevada, has installed the ImagePilot Aero all-in-one DR solution. The new solution combines the ease of use and simplified image acquisition, review and storage of the ImagePilot system with the workflow efficiencies, and high image quality of the lightweight, wireless AeroDR panel. Pinion Orthopedics replaced its CR solution with the ImagePilot Aero to improve the quality and dependability of its imaging services.

“Our bottleneck used to be imaging,” explains Steve Gunnell, DO, orthopedic surgeon. “With CR, it was difficult to see 40 patients in a day, but now with DR I’m finished dictating 20 patients from the morning two hours earlier.”

Melissa Bean, RT, adds that the ImagePilot Aero is “almost incomparable to CR. Our exam speed increased by 75%. With CR it took 90 seconds to capture an image; now it is down to 3 seconds.” Pinion Orthopedics is currently examining their scheduling process and anticipating shortening exam times due to the speed and efficiency of the ImagePilot Aero.

For patient diagnosis and evaluation, image quality is excellent, notes Timothy D. Phipps, DO, orthopedic surgeon. “There is more clarity in the image and we have more tools for measurements, magnification and image manipulation,” he says.

A key factor in the practice’s decision to implement ImagePilot Aero is the system’s storage, quality and dependability, says Julia Wadford, Practice Manager at Pinion Orthopedics. “It can be difficult to get good, quality support in our area, so the biggest factor was to acquire a more dependable imaging solution. We have that with the ImagePilot Aero.” The practice further benefits from Konica Minolta’s industry unique 5 Year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) plan that includes a warranty and parts coverage to help customers manage the ongoing costs of ownership.

According to Curtis Malfeld, VP/COO at Medical Imaging Technologies, Konica Minolta’s reseller partner, “We were looking for a good quality and affordable solution to easily transition a customer from a troubled and costly CR system to DR. The Konica Minolta ImagePilot Aero system provided this as well as a total cost of ownership program that greatly helped with cost planning. The system installation went as expected, as did configuration and user training. We are pleased with the results that this system provides.”

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