Konica Minolta Continues to Lead All Categories in Latest User Satisfaction Survey from MD Buyline

Konica Minolta Continues to Lead All Categories in Latest User Satisfaction Survey from MD Buyline

Konica Minolta Continues to Lead All Categories in Latest User Satisfaction Survey from MD Buyline

Wayne, NJ, April 20, 2010 – Continuing its dominance as the top rated CR Vendor, Konica Minolta announced today the latest MD Buyline end user satisfaction survey which ranks the company number one for an unprecedented 19th straight quarter. The latest survey rates Konica Minolta number one in each category, and the company is the only CR vendor to maintain a composite score greater than 9.0 on a 10-point scale.

“Konica Minolta’s commitment to customer satisfaction by providing highly reliable and easy-to-use CR systems that generate extraordinary images is clearly evident to the industry,” says Joe Giordano, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development. “We’re not resting on our laurels, however; our customers can expect to see the same unparalleled performance in Konica Minolta’s cassette-less direct radiography Xpress DR that was launched earlier this year.”

Konica Minolta either maintained or increased its score in each category. System Reliability and Applications Training categories received the highest rating (9.4) for Konica Minolta. The survey cited reports of perfect uptime, minimal maintenance and cleaning. Konica Minolta was described by end users as setting a benchmark for other CR vendors in the area of dependability. Training was rated as excellent, easy to understand and use, and respondents felt very confident using the system after a very short session.

Users also reported excellent image quality well above industry average, stating that Konica Minolta CR systems were found to work quickly and effectively to improve workflow. High satisfaction with implementation, namely timeliness and lack of any issues, was also noted. Many survey respondents reported minimal service needs due to the system’s high reliability and troubleshooting capabilities, including the ability to clear cassette jams without calling for service.

“Our CR Systems have become the standard by which excellence is measured,” adds Giordano. “Konica Minolta has maintained its leadership position for nearly five years by listening to our customers and using their input to continually innovate digital radiography.”

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