ImagePilot Helps Leading Southern California Vet Practice See More Detail, Add Value to Diagnosis

ImagePilot Helps Leading Southern California Vet Practice See More Detail, Add Value to Diagnosis

ImagePilot Helps Leading Southern California Vet Practice See More Detail, Add Value to Diagnosis

Wayne, NJ, March 25, 2010 – Since installing the ImagePilot CR Veterinary Solution from Konica Minolta in mid-2009, the clinicians at Apple Valley Equine Hospital can more clearly see bone and soft tissue injuries. ImagePilot is an all-in-one digital radiography and medical imaging solution for image acquisition, viewing and data management.

“With the ImagePilot, we can identify with great confidence what the problem is with the patient and avoid incurring higher costs from additional tests,” explains Ron Lenhert, DVM, co-owner of Apple Valley Equine Hospital. “This is a huge benefit for our clients and often leads to lower diagnostic expense, which means they can use those savings for therapy.”

Apple Valley Equine Hospital has used X-ray and ultrasound for nearly 30 years to diagnose and treat lame horses, including race, show and trail horses. In many instances, Dr. Lenhert and his associate, Jacob Johnson, DVM, are required to travel to their client’s homes or farms, where they image the patient on-site with the REGIUS 110 CR Reader, Konica Minolta’s single plate CR included with ImagePilot.

“The veterinarian market recognizes the value of going digital CR – no overhead for film, storage, processors or chemicals,” says Marty Dupree, Digital Sales for Merry X Ray, an authorized Konica Minolta CR reseller. “However, the veterinarians at Apple Valley

quickly realized that the easy-to-use ImagePilot helps them produce high-quality, consistent images, which reduces repeat X-ray exposures to the animals.”

“ImagePilot has been a huge benefit for our practice,” explains Dr. Lenhert. “We can use the image viewing software to tweak the image and see even more detail. Our clients can see it too, and that gives them the assurance that the diagnosis and proposed treatment are correct.”

Without detailed images of the anatomy or the ability to communicate with the patient, veterinarians often have no choice than to begin diagnosis by using an educated interpretation of the images viewed with older software or film technology”, says Dr. Lenhert. ImagePilot removes the guess-work and replaces it with high-quality images of the bone and soft tissue. Plus, the system’s advanced one-click AutoPilot Image Processing automates the image optimization process independent of body site, ensuring high-quality images every time regardless of body part, size or type.

“The ImagePilot’s ease-of-use, image quality and image review with annotations and measurements has become a great teaching tool,” adds Dr. Johnson. “Our students and clients are learning to use technology to make more confident, accurate decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment.”

ImagePilot Veterinary Solution is specifically designed to convert veterinary offices from analog X-ray to digital radiography. It combines CR acquisition, patient registration, imaging viewing and storage in one easy-to-use system that eliminates the need for a separate PACS.

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