Audubon County Memorial Hospital Selects Aero DR to Upgrade Two Radiology Rooms

Audubon County Memorial Hospital Selects Aero DR to Upgrade Two Radiology Rooms

Audubon County Memorial Hospital Selects Aero DR to Upgrade Two Radiology Rooms

Wayne, NJ (March 28, 2011) – Konica Minolta announced today that Audubon County Memorial Hospital (Audubon, IA) has selected the Aero DR wireless solution to replace X-ray equipment in two radiology rooms. The 25-bed acute care hospital chose the Aero DR as the system that would best meet the facility’s needs.

“Audubon has long been an implementer of leading edge technology – not just in radiology but hospital-wide,” says Troy Schoon, radiology director at Audubon. “When we found out Konica Minolta was launching a wireless DR, we were immediately interested due to the success we’ve had with their Xpress CR.”

Schoon commends the reliability of Konica Minolta’s Xpress CR as a differentiator. In six years, Audubon has only had one service call for the Xpress. “Konica Minolta makes solid products,” he says, “and that’s critical for a rural community hospital serving as the only local healthcare provider in the town of 2,100 residents.” Aero DR also fulfilled Schoon’s other product requirements, namely that it is a true “wireless” system that is not tethered.

“A key factor in our decision to select Aero DR is the ability to use the plates in either radiology room,” says Troy Schoon, radiology director at Audubon. “Plus, we can upgrade our existing control station for the Xpress CR and use it for both CR and DR – that helps reduce our upfront capital equipment expense and simplifies workflow for our technologists.”

The lightweight Aero DR weighs only 6.4 lbs and incorporates a unique battery design for extended life and short charge cycles. With Konica Minolta’s Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector, Aero DR boasts ultra-high detector quantum efficiency (DQE) for high-quality images even with reduced X-ray dose applications. By combining the CsI panel and Konica Minolta’s image processing technology from its top-rated REGIUS digital radiography systems, the Aero DR assures end users of consistent and reliable high quality imaging.

“Ease of use and reliability is central to our product development and Aero DR will continue to provide our customers with the quality they have come to expect from Konica Minolta,” says Darren Werner, Digital Products Marketing Manager, Konica Minolta. “We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer satisfaction and pleased that Audubon County Memorial Hospital has again chosen Konica Minolta for digital radiography.”

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