Power Your Practice UGPro®

Power Your Practice UGPro®

Ultrasound-guided procedures (UGP) are transforming MSK, delivering targeted results faster, with less invasive procedures. The potential for your practice is huge—and Konica Minolta is here to help you harness it, with the UGPro Solution. UGPro is a focused, comprehensive solution that unites the latest ultrasound and procedural innovations with hands-on education to get you equipped and up to speed fast. So from Achilles tendonitis to shoulder tendonosis to epicondylitis, you can improve patient outcomes and grow your practice.

UGPro Solution

Equipment designed for MSK

Konica Minolta ultrasound systems provide the power, clarity, functionality and easeof use to optimally support UGP therapies.For instance, the SONIMAGE HS1 CompactUltrasound System and the SONIMAGE®MX1 Portable Ultrasound System offer real-time evaluation and needle-guidance software for clear visualization, with an array of probes designed to meet a full range ofneeds in your MSK practice

The latest procedures for pain relief

Konica Minolta is partnering with the most innovative developers of UGP technologies to bring ground breaking procedural solutions to our UGPro Solution initiative—including a system that targets the source of chronic tendon pain, debriding only degenerative tissue for percutaneoustenotomy and fasciotomy.

Get up to speed faster

UGP proficiency is a learn-by-doing process, and the UGProSolution and UGPLearningHub® are here to help you do just that, with robust, hands-on education. Our UGPLearningHub leverages the technical and clinical knowledge of ultrasound KOLs and Konica Minolta experts, in educational offerings to fit your needs. Nationwide programs plus dedicated learning centers in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL,Anaheim, CA and the NYC area.

Everything you need. Unlike any other approach.

It takes more than equipment to realize the full potential of UGP in your practice. That’s why Konica Minolta takes a uniquely comprehensive approach with the UGPro Solution, bringing together the latest procedural technologies, the ultrasound equipment to optimize those procedures with keen visual guidance and streamlined workflow, and the education you need to achieve proficiency.

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