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MSK Ultrasound Workshop Series: Shoulder Region

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Presented by The New Jersey Society of PM&R

In partnership with the NJ Society of PM&R, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas will be hosting a Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Workshop Series presented by Dr. Todd Stitik. The workshops will be a combination of didactic material specific to diagnostic and injection procedures, actual videotaped examples of injection procedures and a simulated demonstration on a scanning model of the injection procedure set ups. Time will be provided for Q & A.


The workshop will consist of lecture and video material from actual injections with an emphasis on the shoulder.

  • Videotaped examples of actual injection procedures
  • Hands-on small group scanning for diagnostic and simulated injection procedures
  • Review the basic processes involving shoulder region during diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound procedures
  • Simulated injections will be performed on the following structures:
    • Biceps tendon: sheath, tendon
    • Subcoracoid bursa aspiration/injection
    • Subacromial bursa aspiration/injection
    • Subacromial space injection
    • Cojoined tendon injection at coracoid process
    • Sternoclavicular joint injection
    • Rotator cuff barbotage
    • Supraspinatus/Infraspinatus PRP injection
    • Rotator cuff interval injection
    • Glenohumeral joint injection: anterior and posterior approaches
    • Deltoid tendon insertion at humerus
    • AC joint
    • Subpectoral plane hydrodissection
    • Glenohumeral joint injection or distention arthrography
    • Posterior labrum injection
    • Suprascapular nerve block at spinoglenoid notch
    • Spinoglenoid notch paralabral cyst aspiration
    • Suprascapular nerve block at suprascapular fossa
    • Superior anterior labrum injection in region of suprascapular notch
    • Supraclavicular nerve hydrodissection
    • Axillary nerve block
    • Teres minor injection
    • Long head of the triceps tendon injection