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MSK Ultrasound Workshop Series: Hip/Pelvis Region

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Presented by The New Jersey Society of PM&R

In partnership with the NJ Society of PM&R, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas will be hosting a Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Workshop Series presented by Dr. Todd Stitik. The workshops will be a combination of didactic material specific to diagnostic and injection procedures, actual videotaped examples of injection procedures and a simulated demonstration on a scanning model of the injection procedure set ups. Time will be provided for Q & A.


The workshop will consist of lecture and video material from actual injections with an emphasis on the Hip/Pelvis.

  • Videotaped examples of actual injection procedures
  • Hands-on small group scanning for diagnostic and simulated injection procedures
  • Simulated injections will be performed on the following structures:
    • Anterior:
      • Hip joint
      • Iliopsoas bursa
      • Iliopsoas tendon
      • Labrum and paralabral cyst
      • Rectus femoris tendon origins (direct and indirect heads)
      • Sartorius tendon origin
      • Lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh hydrodissection
    • Lateral:
      • Gluteus medius (lateral & superiorposterior heads) & minimus tendons
      • Trochanteric bursa
      • Subgluteus medius & subgluteus minimus bursae
      • Iliotibial band
    • Medial:
      • Adductor tendons
      • Obturator nerve block
      • Symphysis pubis
      • Genitofemoral & ilioinguinal nerve blocks
      • Sports hernias
      • Direct, indirect inguinal hernias
      • Obturator & femoral hernias
    • Posterior:
      • Short hip external rotators (esp. piriformis, obturator internus, schiofemoral impingement)
      • Superior gluteal nerve block
      • Hamstring origins
      • Pudendal nerve
      • SI joint
      • Cluneal nerves