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SONIMAGE MX1 Platinum Ultrasound System

Introducing the next-generation, compact point-of-care ultrasound system, the SONIMAGE® MX1 Platinum Ultrasound System, with detail resolution for superior image quality. Clinicians can hand-carry the system to the bedside, in an exam room or surgery suite with a new extended battery life that enables a continuous 2-hour scan time. The system leverages an advanced imaging algorithm that achieves improved resolution of ultrasound images while maintaining optimum frame rates. The algorithm improves image quality of color and gray scale modes, delivering speckle reduction and applying a smoothing effect to reduce graininess in the image, helping clinicians make better informed diagnoses and facilitate accurate interventions.

  • Superior imaging improves resolution while maintaining frame rate
  • Continuous 2-hour scan time, adds to extreme portability
  • One-touch image optimization for reproducible exams every time


Our commitment –

help you improve patient care and clinical outcomes

Konica Minolta developed the MX1 Platinum System to deliver superior imaging in a compact device that’s easy to use, fast and precise. You can count on us to assist you every step of the way, with technology that helps you make an immediate diagnosis and determine course of action. 

Confident Diagnosis

through superior image detail

The MX1 Platinum System is a powerhouse in performance, leveraging an advanced imaging algorithm that achieves improved resolution and crystal-clear image quality, while maintaining frame rate. This unique powerful algorithm improves image quality of the color and grayscale modes, delivering speckle reduction and applying a smoothing effect to reduce graininess in the image, even on a compact monitor. The system’s sophisticated imaging empowers decision-making and facilitates accurate interventions, elevating patient care. 

Built for Confident Diagnosis across point-of-care specialties

A full suite of transducers accompanies the MX1 Platinum System, for a broad range of applications that meet the diverse demands of your department and ever-changing patient needs. Improved acoustic transmission and additional penetration expedite clinical decision-making. 

MX1 on stand

Wideband Frequency Linear Transducers

The SONIMAGE® MX1 Platinum L18-4 Is a broad frequency linear probe that offers both near-field resolution and deep penetration for scanning both superficial and deep joints and structures. The advanced imaging algorithm dramatically enhances its resolution for more precise diagnosis. 

The HL18-4 hockey stick linear transducer is especially suited to MSK and pain management applications reaching difficult to access areas with its small footprint and maneuverability. 

Deliver exceptional patient care throughout the care path with the SONIMAGE MX1 Platinum S4-2 phased array transducer, especially in perioperative environments. 

7 Transducers for SONIMAGE MX1 Platinum

Designed with tools to streamline your day-to-day workflow and increase efficiency

With a simple, intuitive interface, the MX1 Platinum System is easy to use, whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro. Automated tools accelerate clinical workflow and streamline repetitive tasks, helping you work more efficiently and allow more time for your patients. 

Vascular NAVI automatically adjusts the doppler cursor position, gate size, angle correction and steering angle. Easy to use with all of the linear transducers, the vascular workflow solution software optimizes blood flow volume measurements and vascular access. 

Efficient patient assessment in point-of-care environments

Extreme portability and exceptional image quality converge on the MX1 Platinum System to provide efficiency in hand-carried ultrasound, attributing to patient gains. The SONIMAGE MX1 Platinum ultrasound system was designed to bring exceptional imaging to the places you need it most, at the point-of-care, with an extended battery life enabling 2 hours of continuous scanning time. A perfect solution for the demands of point-of-care environments. 

Elevating Outcomes Through Innovation 

Accurate documentation and communication by all members of the care team are essential for elevating patient care. Konica Minolta Healthcare offers clinicians innovative features to improve documentation and review of the ultrasound exam, delivering results more efficiently. 

The camera function on the MX1 Platinum System delivers picture-in-picture on the ultrasound image for improved documentation and review. Through a USB external camera, the clinical image can be stored with the camera image simultaneously, with voice messaging and note dictation captured by the built-in microphone on the camera. Improved documentation leads to enhanced team care. 

The Library function enables the viewing of clinical images and cine clips saved on the hard drive and SD card, allowing you to learn from past scans and procedures. Easily accessible images for patient review or tutorials improve exam documentation, education, and patient communication. 

SONIMAGE MX1 with transducer

Clinical Images

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