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Automated Overhead X-ray System

Flexible and user-friendly, the automated X-ray System can be configured to meet your exact clinical requirements. It’s an integrated system for all conventional radiographic applications in combination with a high-frequency generator, radiographic table, and wall bucky.

  • Advanced  design for precise positioning
  • Automated for ease of use
  • Options include a wall stand and/or table

Experience its new advanced design

You’re guaranteed precise positioning for the best possible radiographic result, with the new design of the fully automatic, ceiling-suspended tube mount. The heavy-duty X-ray tube overhead support system is characterized by its simple and functional design.

Automated OTC system garphic
Automated Overhead Tube Crane system

Auto-positioning and auto-tracking

For ease of use, you can select pre-configured positioning from the control station. The autotracking synchronizes the movements of the tube with respect to the receptor and bucky.

Suspension Automated X-ray System with wall stand

When you manually move the receptor, the suspension will move to the requested SID in parallel until it is centered with the bucky. If you do this while tilting, the automated X-ray System will maintain the vertical and perpendicular SID constant by rotating around the receptor.

Automated OTC closeups
Automated OTC table

Suspension Automated X-ray System with table

When using the suspension automated X-ray System with table, both receptor and suspension operate by motorized movement followed by auto-centering.

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