COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is Konica Minolta Healthcare assisting healthcare workers and hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Since the outbreak, we have seen an increase in customer demand for medical equipment, including Mobile X-ray Systems, Digital X-ray Retrofits and Ultrasound Systems. The Global Konica Minolta Task Team is increasing production and working to fulfill urgent customer orders in the Americas and beyond.

    In the Americas, we have resources throughout the region which are ready to respond to local needs and have expanded support capabilities at our call centers to assure that customer calls and responses are handled expeditiously. Our Professional Service teams provide options for the delivery of critical services to meet both the technical and safety requirements of customers. This is done through direct on-site services and augmented virtual assistance technology.

  • Have your hours of support changed due to the Coronavirus?

    We are maintaining our normal business hours are from 8 am – 8 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday and offer after hour service for all emergencies. The Technical Call center is available 24X7. Our answering service will route the calls to the on-call representatives that will be able to assist you.

  • Are your sales representatives available for on-site visits?

    Sales professionals are available by phone, email, or video call. They will visit a facility only upon request or for an urgent situation, and they will follow all facility policies for personal, staff and patient safety.

  • Who do I contact for support for my Konica Minolta Products?

    Wayne Customer Care Center
    AeroDR/CS-7/Image Pilot/Insights/Ultrasound
    1-800-945-0456 or by email

    HCIT & DR Systems Technical Support
    EXA/OPAL PACS / Ultra DR or Systems Support
    1-800-366-5343 Holiday & After Hours |

    20/20 Imaging
    Chiropractor/Podiatry/Veterinary/Mobile DR/Orthopedic
    1-866-734-6234 or by email

Imaging & Healthcare IT Solutions

  • What options does Konica Minolta offer for chest and pulmonary imaging?

    Konica Minolta provides Digital Radiography, Ultrasound Systems and PACS image archival systems that can be used at the point-of-care or in a dedicated imaging room, including upgrades to digital detectors for use in portable and fixed radiography systems, portable X-ray retrofit solutions and scalable healthcare IT systems  Please contact your local sales representative, authorized Konica Minolta reseller or our call support center at 1-800-945-0456 or 1-800-366-5343 for more information.

  • Can ultrasound be used to image the lungs of COVID-19 patients at the bedside?

    The COVID-19 outbreak has created unprecedented healthcare needs and new workflow in the emergency medicine environment.  In several recent publications, researchers have communicated to techniques and value of pulmonary ultrasound for the diagnosis and management of patients with COVID-19.  In March, an international team published a proposal for international standardization of the use of lung ultrasound for COVID-19 patients in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.

  • Is the use of DR/X-ray valuable in managing COVID-19 patients?

    The Fleischner Society recently published a Multinational Consensus Statement for the Role of Chest Imaging in Patient Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the journal Radiology defining the scenarios when chest X-ray is indicated.  Publications for the use of X-ray in COVID-19 patients can be found here.

    The ACR recommends that facilities consider deploying portable radiography units in ambulatory care facilities for use when chest X-ray is medically indicated for use in COVID-19 patients. The surfaces of these systems can be easily cleaned, avoiding the need to move patients to radiography rooms.

Service and Support

  • Will support services change during any coronavirus (COVID-19) related business closures, shelter-in-place orders, limited travel or other local or federal government orders?

    Konica Minolta has intensified the strength of our support centers to include the experience of our Field Service Engineers and the Clinical Applications Specialists. In addition to traditional onsite services, during times of limited travel and access to our customers facilities, we have made the following changes:

    • Offer enhanced remote and video augmented technologies to provide installation services and the product education needed to maintain equipment, streamline productivity and enhance the level of patient care while protecting the healthcare professionals.
    • Provide product support and education through distance learning sessions, webinars and online Radiologist and Clinician trainings in exchange for on-site visits. Our skilled Applications Specialists are also available to assist with system configuration support, image quality updates, or just refreshing use of operations to ensure your staff can meet the challenges of today’s environment. Contact support to schedule a live session/distance learning session with an application specialist.
    • Our Support Centers have doubled their capacity while utilizing leading programs for third-party remote access, such as TeamViewer & SecureLink. They will then explore options of utilizing appropriate available site personnel and mobile device applications necessary to complete the task.
  • Can we utilize one of our resources to perform service while someone from Konica Minolta provides remote instructing?

    Yes. If a Biomedical Engineer, PACS Administrator, Clinical Specialist or an IT person call for support or service, our trained experts will ensure we achieve a worry-free support by instructing the onsite person on how to best service the equipment without the risk of data loss.  We will do everything necessary to support an provide continued service while ensuring safety to your staff and our communities.

  • Are Field Service personnel still available to service equipment on site?

    Our first option is to utilize our enhanced remote support to address any issues with equipment. We’ve maintained our strong field response capabilities that can be engaged as needed. It is our goal to continue to keep Konica Minolta equipment and IT solutions functional and to minimize any disruption to patient care. Konica Minolta Field Sales, Service and Applications teams are committed to adhering to all of our customers’ policies and procedures while visiting any healthcare system.

  • What steps should be taken prior to an on-site service visit?

    According to WHO and CDC, the coronavirus may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. Our service personnel will request that the healthcare facility provide appropriate PPE and wipe down the device to be serviced with a disinfecting wipe before service is commenced and avoid interacting with patients while servicing the equipment. All service personnel will practice personal preventative steps such as frequently washing hands with soap and water and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • What infection/transmission prevention measures should be taken when receiving shipped equipment?

    Follow your institution’s policies and guidelines.


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