Opal™ Software Suite

Opal™ Software Suite

The Opal Software Suite features an integrated web-based PACS and RIS as well as a dedicated PACS for the orthopedic market that boasts speed and efficiency.
Opal-RAD PACS, Opal-wRIS, and Opal-ORTHO PACS share an integrated database with specialized features to enhance the radiology department experience.


The Opal Software suite is comprised of Opal-RAD and Opal-ORTHO PACS as well as Opal-wRIS.
Opal-RAD Digital Radiology suite includes the following functionalities:

  • Web-Based PACS
  • Integrated Dictation / Transcription & Reporting Module
  • OnCall Exam Delivery for Anytime / Anywhere Reading
  • Diagnostic Viewer
  • Mammography Viewer
  • Echocardiology Viewer
  • 3D Viewer
  • Multiplanar Reconstruction MPR
  • Turnaround Time (TAT)

Opal-wRIS is ideal for both single and multiple facility enterprises and allows for the practice to grow and develop with new facilities, modalities, and physicians. Opal-wRIS features full dictation and transcription module with automatic report distribution and seamlessly integrates with Opal-RAD PACS. A complete women’s health module is also included with a robust package of functionalities created to ensure practice compliance with the American College of Radiology (ACR) Bi-RAD standards.

Opal-ORTHO’s thin-client architecture requires only an Internet connection and browser to turn any standard PC into a diagnostic workstation. The results are significant cost savings over proprietary PACS hardware and the flexibility to work anywhere.

Opal-ORTHO supports a full range of modalities and seamlessly integrates with other software systems through DICOM, HL7 and Microsoft.NET architecture.

Opal-RAD Features:

  • View images from any Web-enabled PC.
  • Integrates with most EMR platforms – allowing for only one patient worklist with full functionality
  • State-of-the-art DICOM viewer delivers powerful, intuitive workstation functionality with high-resolution multi-monitor support.
  • Integrated Web-based dictation and voice recognition systems enable report creation anywhere.
  • Single data repository for RIS, PACS and Web ensures exam delivery for seamless record integration in a clinical setting.
  • Streaming technology optimizes data transmission based on available bandwidth to eliminate network bottlenecks and speed image delivery.
  • Multi-modality, multi-vendor functionality and compatibility.
  • Modality Worklist support.
  • Quality Control (Q/C) functionality.
  • Push/pull technology for flexibility and speed.
  • CD burning (from the Web), DICOM routing and DICOM print functions.
  • Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) for flexible archiving as data ages.
  • Display Management allows users to customize the reading experience by automatically learning each users image display preference.
  • RISreport integration using industry standard HL7 protocols for flexible integration with most other medical information systems.
  • MIP and MPR on-the-fly.

Opal-wRIS Features:

Auto-Insurance Verification

From the moment a patient checks in, the wRIS is able to increase the speed of the check in process with a multiple verification system that validates insurance information immediately and automatically.

  • Automatic electronic verification of insurance eligibility upon patient check in – Form 270
  • Automatic electronic insurance pre-authorization for exams to be scheduled – with immediate response

Intelligent Patient Scheduling

Opal-wRIS makes scheduling easy, input appointments by patient, calendar, or resource (modality, physician, procedure) and view first available time slot.

  • With Secure Scheduling the RIS software will not notify if a resource is double booked or not allow a patient to double book on multiple resources at the same time.
  • Intuitive Patient Registration notifies and suggests a merge when registering duplicate patient fields
  • Easily reschedule patients without re-entering exam and CPT information
  • With a dedicated schedule for walk-ins, patients without appointments can be added to the facilities records with no complications

Referring Physician Portal

Give referring physicians secure, remote, Web access to schedule patients at your facility.2

  • Referring physicians can also have the ability to view images, reports, and scanned documents depending on facility permissions
  • Access to patient information for referring physicians can results in quicker report turnaround time

Procedure-Diagnosis Validation

Avoid insurance denying a payment with Procedure-Diagnosis Validation. Opal-wRIS compares ICD 9 and CPT codes to ensure the exam generated is appropriate for the presented ailment to avoid insurance rejection.

  • The wRIS system produces a statistical analysis to determine the likelihood of receiving insurance payment for procedure based on the patients’ initial presentation
  • Opal-WEB RIS is preloaded with CPT codes saving time coding and in turn results in improved efficiency.

Mammography/Women’s Health

Opal-wRIS features a full-fledged women’s health module for mammography imaging. The mammography component meets all MQSA standards put forth by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

  • Follow-up and outcome tracking–  Opal-Web RIS is designed to meet legal requirements and mitigate potential risks for medical practices while offering the highest patient care available
  • Patient Data Collection– The RIS offers digital access for patients to complete a series of questions to complete a personal information survey as it pertains to mammography
  • Technologist and Radiologist Data Collection– Technologists and Radiologists have access to digitally complete a detailed findings survey for each exam completed
  • Outcome Tracking by Technologist and Radiologist– This feature allows for close mammography diagnosis evaluations of facility staff, and calculates false positives, false negatives, true positives, and true negatives for facility and personnel audits
  • Tracking Incompletes – Track incomplete patient information both in the mammography module and by patient. This allows the practice to have access to an open-items list where correspondence to patients is documented. Patients who do not have mammography exams completed or do not respond to communications will be on the incomplete list.

Opal-ORTHO Features:

Pre-Operative Planning

The innovative pre-operative planning module enables selection and storage of key patient images from multiple exams into a single surgical planning patient file. Templating and other relevant surgical information also can be merged into this customizable file.

Integrated Templating

Opal-ORTHO offers digital surgical templates for fracture treatment, joint replacement and deformity correction procedures. Manipulate synthetic and prosthetic system templates and digital orthopedic images to develop precise surgical plans in advance of procedures. Streamline your time in the operating room. Complete template sets for major manufacturers are included.

* Orthopedic

Specialized Tools

Opal-ORTHO provides a full range of precise measuring tools and related features. These include distance, angle and Cobb angle measurements as well as spine labeling. Our sophisticated image viewer also provides a comprehensive selection of standard tools, such as window/level, zoom and magnify.

Advanced Functionalities and Features

  • Pre-Operative Planning Module
  • Integrated Templating
  • Distance Measurements
  • Angle Measurements
  • Cobb Angle Measurements
  • Spine Labeling
  • EMR Integration
  • Automatic Alerts Linking Prior Exams
  • Complete Support for Multiple Facilities
  • Automatic Offsite Archive for full HIPAA Compliance
  • Automated Patient Filter Designed for Multi-Physician Practices
  • Patient Demographic Interface with Modalities

Web Server capability enables you to access images from anywhere in the world.

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