UGPro® Solution Partner: Medovate

UGPro® Solution Partner: Medovate

Ultrasound-guided procedures (UGP) are transforming healthcare, delivering targeted results faster, with less invasive procedures.  The Konica Minolta UGPro® Solution is a focused, comprehensive solution that unites the latest ultrasound and procedural innovations with hands-on education to improve patient outcomes.

Our newest UGPro partner is Medovate, a medical device company dedicated to manufacturing and commercializing innovative new devices that improve patient care in the anesthesia environment.  SAFIRA™ (SAFer Injection for Regional Anesthesia) is their latest device designed to limit injection pressure and automatically stop injection at high pressures, helping to reduce the risk of nerve injury and improving patient safety.

Konica Minolta Healthcare and Medovate jointly promote the SAFIRA regional anesthesia injection solution with our family of systems for ultrasound-guided procedures. The SONIMAGE® HS2 and SONIMAGE® MX1 Portable Ultrasound Systems provide superior imaging, functionality and ease of use to optimally support the use of the SAFIRA regional anesthesia device.  Our compact ultrasound systems offer real-time evaluation and needle-guidance software for clear visualization of the nerve and surrounding tissue.

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Regional anesthesia has demonstrated better post-operative analgesia, decreased opioid consumption and length of stay, early rehabilitation, fewer anesthesia-related side effects and high patient satisfaction compared to general anesthesia1,2. A joint statement from the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA) and the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (ESRA) recommend regional anesthesia over general anesthesia for COVID-19 patients where possible to reduce transmission of the virus.

GIVING ANESTHESIOLOGISTS CONTROL: A Groundbreaking New Technology for Regional Anesthesia

SAFIRA® - SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia.

SAFIRA makes regional anesthesia a one person procedure, putting control in the hands of the anesthesiologist. Engineered with safety in mind, SAFIRA is a unique solution which monitors and limits injection pressure. This improves patient safety by reducing the risk of nerve damage resulting from the regional anesthesia procedure. SAFIRA helps promote better outcomes for both healthcare providers and patients.

  • Creates a single operator procedure
  • Engineered safety solution to control injection pressure threshold
  • Reduces chances of nerve injury
  • Improves patient safety

SAFIRA® reduces the risk of nerve damage and improves patient outcomes

A clinician led approach:

Regional anaesthesia is currently a two-person procedure
One anaesthetist holds the ultrasound scanner to guide the needle tip placement, while a second operator injects the anaesthetic at the required pressure.

SAFIRA® transforms regional anaesthesia into a one-person procedure
It allows a single operator, hole regional block at safer pressures.

Anaesthetic solutions are often injected at high pressure
This can cause nerve damage, serious nerve damage occurs in up to 1% of procedures and transient nerve damage in up
to 8% of cases.

SAFIRA® helps to prevent injection at unsafe pressures
A built in system helps to prevent injection at pressures above 20psi which reduces the risk of incidences of transient or serious nerve damage occurring as a result of the regional anaesthesia procedure.

How to use SAFIRA®

SAFIRA® is intended for use by trained clinicians to administer local anaesthetic below a specified pressure threshold to a target nerve bundle for regional anaesthesia. SAFIRA® consists of 3 separate components:

  1. Sterile Syringe (Product reference: 900016)
  2. Driver (Product reference: 900029)
  3. Foot Pedal (Product reference: 900044)

What do leading consultant anaesthetists say?

According to 30 world leading regional consultant anaesthetists (EU & US)

1/30 confident in their assistant applying the correct pressure

2/30 confident they themselves could apply the correct pressure

23/30 believed SAFIRA® would allow them to save 5 (or more) minutes per procedure

5 reasons to make the switch to SAFIRA®

SAFIRA® gives anaesthetists the tools to take control

  1. SAFIRA - SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia
    SAFIRA® is a safer injection system for regional anaesthesia, allowing a single anaesthetist to conduct a whole regional block at safer pressures.
  2. It makes regional anaesthesia a one operator procedure
    By giving anaesthetists control of the whole procedure, they can manage all aspects of the regional block including injection of the anaesthetic. This improves safety and frees up resources as a second supporting operator is no longer required.
  3. It helps improve patient safety by controlling the injection pressure threshold
    SAFIRA incorporates a safety feature to help prevent injection at pressures above 20psi. This reduces the risk of nerve damage in patients, promoting improved safety for regional anaesthesia.
  4. SAFIRA promotes better outcomes for patients
    With its integrated safety solution to help limit the injection pressure threshold, SAFIRA can help reduce the risk of accidental nerve damage, omitting follow up procedures. Minimising the risk of nerve damage also reduces the chance of potential medical negligence compensation claims.
  5. It saves time and reduces costs
    SAFIRA saves 5 minutes per procedure5 and limits the costs associated with extra operators. When time is money, SAFIRA saves you both.
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