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New VETSMART Digital Imaging System Uses AI to Optimize Technique Based on Patient Size and Exam Type

Vetsmart Table from the front

Crystal Lake, IL, June 3, 2021 – 20/20 Imaging, a division of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., announced today the launch of a new veterinary digital X-ray imaging system that uses patented technology and algorithms to optimize the acquisition technique and monitor system operation. VETSMART™ represents the latest advancement in veterinary X-ray technology with a smart collimator that uses anatomically programmed radiography (APR) to measure the patient body habitus and recommend the proper imaging technique. The solution includes a patented auto thickness detection technology, further optimizing scanning parameters.

“The infusion of innovative technologies in VETSMART will enable practices and companion health hospitals to deliver optimal care by improving the quality and consistency of imaging studies and providing a more efficient workflow,” says Bob Salzman, President of 20/20 Imaging. “There is nothing else in the veterinary imaging market today that has these cutting-edge technologies to help deliver the best possible X-ray for each patient. VETSMART was built with the veterinarian and staff in mind.”

After selecting the body part, the operator uses the smart collimator to determine body thickness. The measurement is sent to the X-ray generator, which utilizes the APR to set the ideal technique variables for accurate image acquisition. VETSMART includes a 17 x 17 inch universal digital radiography (DR) flat panel detector, which along with the 20/20 Imaging software provides excellent image quality and advanced animal-specific image processing software. The new system also includes robust image adjustment tools and is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of a practice. A multi-function study list and advanced viewer allow for rapid evaluation of the imaging study. Optional viewing capabilities on any mobile or smart device is provided by 20/20 Imaging’s mobile viewer.

Additional exclusive features of the new VETSMART include an open front panel latch mechanism for easy access to the generator and an oval table design with rounded corners and urine track providing more convenient and comfortable access to the patient from any direction for the staff. The optional remote real-time monitoring, calibration and maintenance feature includes a self-diagnostic tool based on machine learning, reducing the need for onsite service and improving system uptime.

About 20/20 Imaging

20/20 Imaging, a division of Konica Minolta Healthcare, is a value-added reseller of Healthcare IT, and digital imaging solutions tailored for specialties such as podiatry and chiropractic medicine. Utilizing its broad Healthcare IT and imaging expertise, and new economical DR and PACS solutions, 20/20 Imaging provides comprehensive digital imaging & IT solutions and services to a large variety of small to medium size clinical specialties.