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Konica Minolta's Dynamic chest x-rays shows promise in patients with heart failure

diagram showing DDR use for detecting heart falure

Konica Minolta's Dynamic Chest X-ray Research Published in the European Journal of Radiology and Featured on Shows Promise in Patients with Heart Failure

Dynamic chest radiography has demonstrated potential as a less-invasive tool than right heart catheterization for assessing hemodynamics in patients with heart failure, according to research published February 4 in the European Journal of Radiology.

Researchers led by Dr. Hiroaki Hiraiwa, PhD, of Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine in Nagoya, Japan compared the two methods in a group of patients. They found that dynamic chest x-ray digital metrics correlated strongly with blood flow measurements acquired during invasive catheterization procedures. Given that dynamic chest radiography is noninvasive, the emerging modality holds promise for improving patient care, according to the group.