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Konica Minolta Sponsors Educational Lunch and Learn Session at PAOS 2022

HS2 with L18-4 transducer

Highlighting the benefits of adding diagnostic and interventional ultrasound procedures at the PAOS 2022 Annual CME Conference

Wayne, NJ, August 18, 2022 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Inc. is sponsoring a lunch and learn educational session that will highlight the benefits of adding diagnostic and interventional ultrasound procedures at the Physician Assistant in Orthopaedic Surgery (PAOS) 2022 Annual CME Conference. Jason D. Rand, PA-C, MSPT, from the Boston Sports and Shoulder Center will share the economic and patient-focused benefits of providing ultrasound in an orthopedic practice. Physicians from Boston Sports and Shoulder Center are consistently named as “Boston’s Top Doctors” with the Boston Magazine award every year since 2006 and help take care of numerous professional sports teams, including the Boston Celtics, the U.S. Ski Team and the US Soccer National Team.

Rand will discuss the ability to visualize the needle during interventions using Simple Needle Visualization (SNV®) software, available only on Konica Minolta’s ultrasound systems. SNV provides greater needle visibility of the needle, shaft and injectate for confident needle placement and delivery of the biologic. Also, Rand can provide the information his physicians need for a more confident diagnosis of the patient’s injury or pain with the excellent image quality provided by the SONIMAGE® HS2 Portable Ultrasound System.

The benefits of using ultrasound in an orthopedic practice are numerous, from faster diagnosis to minimally invasive interventions and enhanced patient satisfaction

"The benefits of using ultrasound in an orthopedic practice are numerous, from faster diagnosis to minimally invasive interventions and enhanced patient satisfaction," says Joan Toth, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta Healthcare. "Sponsoring educational activities such as this lunch and learn event at PAOS not only educates attendees on the clinical utility of ultrasound but also provides practical business growth strategies to help attract and retain patients. Konica Minolta continues to invest in the orthopedic and MSK markets, delivering innovations that create efficient patient workflow and confident diagnoses so clinicians can make better decisions, sooner. We look forward to announcing new solutions for the orthopedic and MSK markets in the near future."

In the US, it is estimated that one in two adults over age 18 and three in four adults over age 65 are impacted by a musculoskeletal (MSK) disease.1 The cost to treat major MSK diseases is greater than many other health conditions, and this healthcare burden is expected to increase as the US population continues to age.1 The use of ultrasound in orthopedic practices has been referred to as “the orthopedic surgeon’s stethoscope” as it enhances early detection of pathologies such as tendon tears, tiny calcifications in soft tissue and destructive and reparative hypertrophic changes on bone surfaces, as well as other MSK conditions.2

In addition to the lunch and learn, Konica Minolta is also supporting several workshops at PAOS with ultrasound equipment, enabling physician assistants to gain hands-on experience using advanced MSK ultrasound systems. Both the SONIMAGE HS2 and the SONIMAGE® MX1 Portable Ultrasound Systems offer dedicated MSK protocols to scan both deep and superficial joints and structures. Additional features help optimize imaging parameters, detect blood flow and deliver workflow efficiency with focused ultrasound exams that minimize the user learning curve.

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