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Konica Minolta Healthcare Highlights Clinical Advancements with Dynamic Digital Radiography at AAOS 2022

shoulder x-ray single frame from a DDR movie

The company is demonstrating its innovative portfolio of orthopedic and MSK imaging and information management solutions

Wayne, NJ, March 22, 2022 – At the 2022 annual meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. will showcase its broad array of orthopedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging and information management solutions, including the award-winning Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) technology. Konica Minolta is committed to furthering clinical research, demonstrating the clinical value and positive impact to patient care of its technologies. At this year's meeting, there are several presentations in the scientific program highlighting clinical use cases of DDR.

Eric R. Wagner, MD, Assistant Professor and Director of Upper Extremity Research at Emory University School of Medicine, will be discussing how dynamic radiographic assessment of upper extremities in motion improves the diagnosis of shoulder pathology and postoperative assessment at an Innovation Theater presentation on Wednesday, March 23. Dr. Wagner has been the lead researcher in using DDR to assess shoulder function and has made DDR the standard of care in his practice. He will also discuss how DDR is used to assess and quantify motion for a range of clinical conditions, including rotator cuff tears, adhesive capsulitis, shoulder arthroplasties and arthritis.

DDR is the next evolution in X-ray, enabling clinicians to visualize the physiological motion of joints, extremities and the spine as a patient moves through the full range of motion. DDR is not fluoroscopy, it is a series of individual digital images acquired at high speed and low dose on the KDR® Advanced U-Arm, a fully automated digital radiography system. In the same study, clinicians can acquire static and dynamic images. The resulting cine loop provides visualization of the dynamic relationship of anatomical structures in a diagnostic-quality view.

Konica Minolta will also be featuring the SONIMAGE® HS2, an advanced compact ultrasound system optimized for MSK imaging. It is designed to help clinicians address an array of clinical applications in MSK, vascular, pain management, interventional and orthobiologics.

The new SONIMAGE HS2 Ultrasound System provides enhanced needle guidance, superior image quality, high-resolution blood flow imaging and an intuitive, wide view touchscreen monitor. Konica Minolta’s Dual Sonic technology utilizes a unique algorithm that transmits two waveforms depending on the focal length, providing the clarity and high signal needed for deep tissue imaging. Improved Tissue Harmonics technology suppresses acoustic noise and increases both frequency and sensitivity for deep tissue and superficial imaging. When coupled with the company’s wide bandwidth L18-4 probe, users achieve exceptional image quality with improved fine details and contrast resolution for precision in diagnostic and interventional procedures.

For secure and fast viewing of orthopedic images from anywhere – the clinic, bedside or surgical suite – Exa® Ortho delivers exceptional performance and functionality designed for orthopedic practices. Measurement tools, templating and pre-operative planning are all accessible with any web-enabled device through the Exa Zero Footprint Viewer.
Server-side rendering assures quick access to all images from any modality regardless of file size. Cybersecurity is enhanced with Exa Ortho because no data is transferred to or stored on workstations to minimize unwanted exposure of patient data.

“Reaching new heights in orthopedic surgery includes having access to the latest innovations in imaging and information management solutions. At Konica Minolta, we’ve developed advanced technologies such as DDR, MSK ultrasound and ortho-specific image management solutions that help clinicians achieve more productivity and clinical insights,” says Kirsten Doerfert, Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Konica Minolta Healthcare. “Our partnerships with leaders in the orthopedic and MSK fields help us rethink today to redefine tomorrow and deliver ground-breaking solutions in medical imaging and IT. Our goal is to support our customers and the orthopedic community in achieving better outcomes for their patients.”

Konica Minolta Healthcare is exhibiting at AAOS in booth 3041.