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Centro Rossi Implements Konica Minolta Healthcare’s Exa Platform Across Multiple Centers in Argentina

Doctor showing an Exa Cardio image on a tablet

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. announces that Centro Rossi, a leading healthcare provider in Argentina with 13 locations throughout Greater Buenos Aires, is implementing the Exa® Enterprise Imaging Platform throughout all of its centers.

Wayne, NJ, November 24, 2020 - Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. announces that Centro Rossi, a leading healthcare provider in Argentina with 13 locations throughout Greater Buenos Aires, is implementing the Exa® Enterprise Imaging Platform throughout all of its centers. Konica Minolta also announced an agreement with Habitat Evolution to distribute the Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform within all regions of Argentina.

Founded by Dr. Enrique Martín Rossi in 1980, Centro Rossi has led the modernization of diagnostic imaging services and elevated the quality of care in Argentina by acquiring state-of-the-art systems and retaining highly trained staff. The organization selected the Exa Platform because it is customizable and adaptable to the specific needs of the region. Konica Minolta and Centro Rossi will collaborate to continue enhancing and evolving the Exa Platform for the Latin American market.

“At Centro Rossi, we consistently seek the best solutions to provide our patients with the highest standard of care,” says Santiago Enrique Rossi, MD, Medical Director at Centro Rossi. “The Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform will help us provide better care for our patients and referring physicians and we are very proud to work with Konica Minolta to further innovate and bring new imaging informatics solutions to the Latin American healthcare market.

The Exa Platform is designed to allow for the rapid adoption of new technologies and capabilities as customer and market needs evolve. With a web-based, Zero-Footprint platform, the Exa Platform uses Server-Side Rendering to facilitate the fast transfer of large imaging studies regardless of the internet connection. The diagnostic-quality Zero Footprint viewer provides access to patient data from any device and from any location with an internet connection. As a leader in the region, Centro Rossi is uniquely positioned to provide insights on the strategic direction of Healthcare IT in Latin America.

“As we introduce Konica Minolta’s Healthcare IT solutions to the region, this partnership provides new opportunities to innovate our Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform and introduce new technologies to meet the unique and evolving needs of the local market. Centro Rossi’s patient-centric business model aligns with ours and we are very excited to enter into this strategic partnership with one of the most prestigious imaging center organizations in Latin America,” says Antonio Uzcátegui, Director of Health Technology for Latin America at Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc.

Regarding the partnership with Habitat Evolution, Daniela Prosperi, Director of Operations for Habitat Evolution, says signing a distribution agreement with a multinational company like Konica Minolta Healthcare underscores the importance of developing markets even in the midst of a difficult business climate. “It's all about innovation, and this is only the first step of many to come with this collaboration,” adds Prosperi. “The Habitat Evolution team is proud and committed to make this partnership a complete success."

Ernesto Márquez, General Manager of the Latin American Region for Konica Minolta Healthcare, expressed his enthusiasm for the new distributor partnership. “Habitat Evolution’s experienced professionals are uniquely qualified to collaborate with our organization to further develop our Healthcare IT business footprint in Argentina.”

About Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc.

Konica Minolta Healthcare is a world-class provider and market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and healthcare information technology. The company’s focus is to contribute to life changing advances through the transformation of primary imaging, allowing the invisible to be seen. Primary imaging, the most commonly used medical imaging technologies, include X-ray, ultrasound and imaging management systems. By advancing these readily available technologies, we can bring greater diagnostic capabilities to the greatest number of people.

With nearly 150 years of endless innovation, imaging is in Konica Minolta’s DNA. From roots as a camera and film manufacturer, the company has cultivated its own technologies and continues to evolve techniques for visualizing what is not visible. Innovation allows the company to be a strong strategic partner, understanding what value means to customers and how Konica Minolta’s innovations can address specific needs and lead to better decisions, sooner.

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., headquartered in Wayne, NJ, is a division of Konica Minolta, Inc. For more information on Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, or visit

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