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Automated Workflow, Time-Saving Features Make VETSMART a Preferred Choice for X-ray by Veterinarians

Vetsmart x-ray table system

20/20 Imaging to highlight VETSMART at VMX and WVC 2023 meetings

Crystal Lake, IL, January 13, 2023 – VETSMART, the only veterinary X-ray system featuring Auto Thickness Detection (ATD) available on the market today, continues to be a leading choice for veterinarians across the US. The intelligent X- ray system is easy to use, ergonomic with rounded corners on the table and saves space with a small footprint. 20/20 Imaging will showcase the advanced VETSMART imaging system and its synchronized, easy-to-use workflow at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX), January 14-18, 2023, and Western Veterinary Conference (WVC), February 19-22, 2023.

There is nothing like this system on the market today.

Rachel McKinney, Account Executive at Radiation Services

“There is nothing like this system on the market today,” says Rachel McKinney, Account Executive at Radiation Services, an authorized dealer for 20/20 Imaging. “Technologists and veterinarians are very impressed when they see how intelligent this system is with the ATD feature, eliminating the need to measure the patient, as well as the excellent image quality it generates with each acquisition. The automated workflow saves time when imaging a patient and the small footprint with the generator built into the table saves precious space in the clinic.”

VETSMART represents the latest advancement in veterinary X-ray technology with a smart collimator that uses anatomically programmed radiography (APR) and patented ATD technology to automatically measure the patient’s body habitus, recommend the proper imaging technique and optimize scanning parameters. The result is exceptional image quality with each patient and image acquisition. With the generator completed encased in the table, clinics save space while maintaining easy access to the generator. The rounded table facilitates patient access while locking casters allow staff to easily move the system for cleaning. Restraining straps are optional, which may assist staff in avoiding patient sedation.

For Brian Kreitz, DVM, owner of Chipley Animal Hospital, VETSMART was the ideal solution for his clinic situated in an older building in the historic district of Chipley, Florida. “The footprint of the equipment is efficient and smaller than many other systems since the generator is under the table – this was a great feature since our building is fairly small.

Also, the ability to put the patient on the table and let the system determine the patient thickness, distance and radiation exposure takes the guesswork out of X-ray imaging. We use the ATD feature every time with no adjustment needed to capture excellent image quality. We have a more efficient imaging workflow, it takes less time to train our technicians how to use it, installation was timely and fast, and the support has been great. We have been extremely impressed with 20/20 Imaging and Paul at Blue Ridge Imaging. Overall, the system has been great.”

VETSMART also features a protocol manager that provides optimized imaging parameters for the abdomen, extremities, spine, skull and thorax for domesticated animals. Additional protocols can be added and users have the option to manually adjust parameters as needed.

“With the protocol manager, the technologist simply selects the view and the body part to image and the system does the rest,” says Paul Chinery, Digital Specialist at Blue Ridge Imaging Technologies, an authorized dealer for 20/20 Imaging. “As important, the system runs off 30-amp breakers, so it can be installed in virtually any clinic, even in older buildings that can’t be fitted with a 100-amp breaker that is often required for other veterinary X-ray systems on the market. The system is not only easy to install in one day, but it is very easy to train technologists how to use it – sometimes in as little as one hour.”

Even before we integrated our systems, we were very happy with how easy it was to send images directly through VETSMART.

Fred Froderman, DVM and owner

White Stone Veterinary Clinic in Plainfield, Indiana also recently implemented VETSMART. According to Fred Froderman, DVM and owner, “We chose VETSMART primarily due to ease of use. Having used different X-ray systems in past clinics, we knew that VETSMART was trustworthy, reliable and easy to use.” Adds Dandee White, DVM, “It has also been very beneficial for us to have an X-ray system that integrates with our practice management software, as we can share images with clients without having to do additional steps. Even before we integrated our systems, we were very happy with how easy it was to send images directly through VETSMART.”

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