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      Digital Radiography

    • Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR)
      DDR is a revolutionary technology to evaluate anatomical movement and to help clinicians assess body function.

      DDR is able to capture and display a "Cine-loop" to analyze body movement, and in the most basic of terms, an "X-Ray in Motion."

    • AeroDR® Carbon Wireless Flat Panel Detector
      Our most advanced digital detector, providing superior image quality, durability and reliability with a space-age carbon material infused with antibacterial technology.
    • KDR® System Advanced U-Arm
      Offers versatility, automated workflow and superior quality for compact spaces.
    • mKDR Xpress™
      Redesigned with a slim profile, tube mounted user interface and compact footprint, fits where it’s needed most: in the ICU, CCU, OR and bedside.
    • AeroRemote™ Insights
      Provides advanced monitoring and interactive analytic reporting for planning and proactive management of DR assets.
    • Ultrasound

    • SONIMAGE® HS2 Compact Ultrasound System
      The HS2 System has advanced MSK functionality with superior image detail and contrast resolution to support increased diagnostic confidence at the point-of-care. Do more with ultrasound.
    • SONIMAGE® MX1 Portable Ultrasound System
      The MX1 System enables physicians to make a confident diagnosis, provide therapeutic needle guidance, and monitor rehabilitation. The light weight, portable system can be used in outpatient point-of-care services, offices and any remote setting.
    • Healthcare IT

    • Exa® Enterprise Imaging
      The only enterprise imaging solution with Server-Side Rendering, Zero Footprint viewer and a single integrated database.

      Only Exa Enterprise Imaging offers a diagnostic quality Zero Footprint Universal Viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM images, Server-Side Rendering, for fast access to large files, such as 3D Mammography, with no prefetching required and Cybersecurity with no data transferred to or stored on workstations to minimize unwanted exposure to patient data.

    • Exa® PACS
      Exa PACS offers full diagnostic toolsets and viewing capabilities from any computer. The Exa PACS features specific viewing toolsets for sub specialties like mammography, cardiology, and orthopedics.
    • Exa® RIS
      The full featured Exa RIS features scheduling, reporting, dashboards, portals, procedure diagnosis validation, Custom Workflow Design Engine and new innovative features like Exa Chat and Exa Patient Kiosk.
    • Exa® Billing
      The full featured Exa RIS features scheduling, reporting, dashboards, portals, procedure diagnosis validation, Konica Minolta’s Exa Platform has an integrated billing module with full revenue cycle management features. The main focus of Exa Billing is to help you file a clean claim the first time!
    • Symmetry™ PACS
      Bringing PACS to specialty care. Symmetry™ PACS is built on the proven Exa® Platform for fast access to images from any device scaled for the specialty care market. Symmetry PACS provides your practice with the features and tools necessary to optimize and simplify workflow.
    • Exa® Lite PACS
      Developed on the proven Exa platform for quick access to images from any device, and adapted to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics and imaging centers in Latin America. Exa Lite PACS provides your department or imaging center with the features and tools needed to optimize and simplify your workflow. With a fully web-based Zero Footprint (ZFP) software platform far superior to other PACS systems available on the market. It has a module to structure your radiological report. Includes an integrated dictation, transcription, and reports module. Only available in Latin America.
    • Service & Support

    • Premier Support Programs
      Includes a dedicated portal that connects customers with a Premier Support Agent, provides 24/7 live support, a dedicated account manager and lead support engineer.

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