Introduces New Laser Imager for Mammography

The new Konica Minolta DRYPRO 873 Laser delivers unparalleled image stability for high‐quality images, including mammography. The DRYPRO 873 Laser Imager provides a 4.0 DMax @ 43.75um to support consistent mammography imaging.

Designed to enhance productivity and workflow, the DRYPRO 873 Laser Imager delivers a first print in 50 seconds and throughput of 90 14″ x 17″ sheets per hour. As with all Konica Minolta laser imagers, it is easy‐to‐use and engineered for superb reliability and efficiency.

Digital Mammography Upgrade for the Award‐Winning Xpress CR (Pending FDA Clearance)

Konica Minolta is pleased to announce the soon to be available Xpress CR Contact Mammography Upgrade in Canada.* By intelligently recognizing cassette types, the Xpress CR system delivers both digital radiology and digital mammography solutions with one easy‐to‐use, cost‐effective and award‐winning solution.

At the heart of this mammography upgrade solution is Konica Minolta’s exclusive Ultra High Resolution 43.75 um pixel size. This extreme resolution ability combined with highly advanced mammography image processing algorithms and specially designed CR Mammography cassettes and plates deliver unparalleled, consistent image quality. Technologists can focus their efforts on patient care due to the intuitive and easy to use Xpress CR imaging software and equipment environment.

Specialized image acquisition and processing tools include advanced skin line detection and chest wall masking. Image acquisition presets, or examination tags, define many image details such as scanning and output destinations. A CR Control Station Memory upgrade ensures ample resources to handle the large data sets and additional image detail found in mammography images acquired on the Konica Minolta Xpress CR Mammography solution.

* At the time of this announcement, the Xpress CR Contact Mammography Upgrade is pending clearance from Health Canada. We anticipate clearance by the end of October 2008. The Xpress CR Contact Mammography upgrade is pending FDA clearance and is not currently available for sale in the United States.

Total Radiology Room Solution with the REGIUS Digital Imaging Suite

The REGIUS Digital Imaging Suite offers complete a digital radiography solution with the flexibility of a combined DR and CR system that is cost‐effective, easy‐to‐use and reliable. Anchored by the REGIUS 370 DR, an upright digital radiography system that supports a wide range of clinical applications, facilities can retrofit an existing radiography room saving expense and time.

Automated Image Optimization for Consistent, High‐Quality Images

Designed for private practice office and clinics, the Image Pilot CR System simplifies image acquisition with AutoPilot Imaging Processing. AutoPilot completely automates the image optimization process, based on a simple but innovative technique that establishes the density value of the anatomy around a fixed bone density. Since bone provides the most stable and consistent X‐ray response of any anatomy, the entire image can be processed using one universal algorithm. This patented technique eliminates the need for the user to define and select image processing for each body part and orientation. AutoPilot includes intelligent software that learns the user preference and applies these adjustments to refine the image quality of future images.

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