Radiography Training Program Selects Xpress CR for New Advanced Education Center

Radiography Training Program Selects Xpress CR for New Advanced Education Center

Radiography Training Program Selects Xpress CR for New Advanced Education Center

Wayne, NJ, March, 2010 – Brookhaven College, a Dallas (TX) County community college offering an Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Science, recently installed two Konica Minolta Xpress CR systems in its new state-of-the-art allied health and science education facility, aptly called Building X. The 140,000 square-foot facility now provides complete radiography training on energized and non-energized imaging equipment. Prior to opening the new training facility, Brookhaven College’s Radiologic Science students travelled to area hospitals for lab and hands-on instruction.

“With the new training facility, we wanted equipment that our students would use in a clinical setting after graduation,” says Christi Carter, M.S.R.S., R.T. (R), Program Director, Radiologic Sciences at Brookhaven College. “Konica Minolta’s Xpress CR gave us the best functionality for the price and it is a highly reliable system that will help us offer hospital-grade training to our students.”

The Xpress CR offers the students 2,500 different exam protocols with proven algorithms. Additional software features for quality control and quality assurance include reject analysis, laser guide, and spatial resolution verification. According to Carter, Brookhaven College boasts a 100% pass rate on the ARRT exam since it founded the Radiologic Science program in 2004. Approximately 25 students graduate program each year and the December 2010 graduating class is the first to train on-site in the new facility.

Konica Minolta’s award winning Xpress CR has been ranked the best multi-bay CR by KLAS Enterprises LLC for the last two years, and Konica Minolta holds the honor as the top rated CR vendor by MD Buyline since the Fall of 2005. The next generation Xpress CR 210 is a more compact, higher performance system that includes advanced C-plate technology for a sharper, more efficient imaging process. As with prior generations, the Xpress CR provides the flexibility to separate the locations of consoles and readers for optimized productivity and a stable, simplified design with minimal moving parts and zero mechanical interaction with the imaging plate for high reliability. Konica Minolta’s innovative design also allows users to clear jammed cassettes, eliminating the need for a service call and reducing unnecessary downtime.

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