Xpress CR

Xpress CR® Contact Mammography System combines the REGIUS® 210 cassette reader with the CS-3 CR Control Station to deliver a highly functional, cost effective FFDM system.

Utilizing a unique dual bay design, the high speed reader of REGIUS Model 210 processes up to 100 14 x 14 plates per hour for maximum performance. This next generation reader radically improves workflow all within a mere 58×58 cm footprint.

Centralized image checking for flexible layout

The “Ultimate Resource Sharing” concept provides the flexibility to separate the location of the consoles and the readers. This allows for the same fast and thorough image checking as with conventional systems. The result: system layout and productivity are optimized according to the number of examinations conducted, the work line and floor space.

MODEL 210 has a side panel for the cleaning / maintenance of optical unit. Simply open the panel and pull out the cleaning knob for easy cleaning of the optical unit. Fine dust accumulated on the optical unit can be easily removed.

Cassette registration mode can be selected from two options, registration at imaging (barcode registration) and registration at reading (screen menu selection), according to the line of movements and system layout. This enables more flexible operation. Two types of bar code readers are available; single-type or multi-type.

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