AeroDR® HQ – Specialty Imaging

10” x 12” Compact size is ideal for meeting the specialty imaging needs of extremities and in NICU environments.

  • Combines high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) in a sturdy wireless FPD with powerful image processing software to deliver quality images at lower exposure times
  • Offers performance and reliability to improve device utilization and ROI
  • Delivers worry-free, dose-efficient digital radiography that integrates seamlessly with most X-ray devices in use today

AeroDR® HQ – Oversized Imaging

17” x 17” Typically mounted in a semipermanent location, designed for imaging larger anatomical areas such as the chest.

  • Fits standard 17” x 17” bucky to eliminate the need to rotate
  • Can be wired to charge and transmit data while stored in the bin, without losing wireless capabilities
  • Can be combined with other AeroDR panels for multi-panel configurations
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