RegenLabs Test tubes
RegenKit®-A-PRP® Autologus Thrombin Serum

Grow your practice with enhanced patient therapies.

When UGPro® is used in partnership with cellular therapies, the potential for enhanced patient care is significant.

RegenLab USA PRP and Cell Therapy Specialists

Since 2003, RegenLab has been committed to the development of a unique expertise in the design and manufacture of high-quality medical devices, intended for the preparation of cellular therapies and autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Bringing these technologies to the United States in 2013, RegenLab USA offers Regen® PRP® System and Autologous Thrombin Serum with a focus on product quality, patient safety, and preparation efficiency.

RegenLab® Technology Benefits:

  • Decreased volume blood draw from patient’s own blood
  • Closed easy-to-use system minimizes contaminants in plasma
  • Decreased spin time for efficient facility workflow
  • Quality and traceability ensured by in-house manufacturing

Ideal Platelet Concentration

The RegenKit®-BCT tube prepares 5 to 6 ml of autologous platelet rich plasma with a platelet recovery greater than 80% and a concentration factor of 1.6-fold. Although the system is technically capable of producing significantly higher platelet concentrations, it is not what some research shows to be the most beneficial for clinical use. More and more studies demonstrate that concentrations of platelets 1 to 3 times over the baseline show more robust healing rates than those with concentrations of 3 to 8 times the baseline1.

Some studies even showed that too high platelet concentrations may actually have negative effects. In an in vivo study2, it was shown that highly concentrated platelet preparations had an inhibitory influence on osteoblast activity, probably due to unwanted inhibitory and cytotoxic effects of growth factors at such high concentrations. Similarly, an in vitro study3 demonstrated that platelet concentrations over 2.5-fold resulted in a reduction in proliferations and a suboptimal effect on osteoblast function.

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