5 reasons to make the switch to SAFIRA®

SAFIRA® gives anaesthetists the tools to take control

  1. SAFIRA – SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia
    SAFIRA® is a safer injection system for regional anaesthesia, allowing a single anaesthetist to conduct a whole regional block at safer pressures.
  2. It makes regional anaesthesia a one operator procedure
    By giving anaesthetists control of the whole procedure, they can manage all aspects of the regional block including injection of the anaesthetic. This improves safety and frees up resources as a second supporting operator is no longer required.
  3. It helps improve patient safety by controlling the injection pressure threshold
    SAFIRA incorporates a safety feature to help prevent injection at pressures above 20psi. This reduces the risk of nerve damage in patients, promoting improved safety for regional anaesthesia.
  4. SAFIRA promotes better outcomes for patients
    With its integrated safety solution to help limit the injection pressure threshold, SAFIRA can help reduce the risk of accidental nerve damage, omitting follow up procedures. Minimising the risk of nerve damage also reduces the chance of potential medical negligence compensation claims.
  5. It saves time and reduces costs
    SAFIRA saves 5 minutes per procedure5 and limits the costs associated with extra operators. When time is money, SAFIRA saves you both.
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