X-Ray system
System Type Floor Mounted U-Arm
Automation Auto positioning pre-programmed U-Arm positions
Generator and Tube Multiple configurations available
High Speed Motorized Movement 1.     Source to Image Distance (SID)
2.     Arm Elevating Movement: Detector Arm/ Tube Arm
3.     Rotation of Arm & Tube
4.     Rotation of Bucky
Source to Image 1000~1800mm (39.5~71 in.)
Vertical Travel 40~170 cm (15.7~66.9 in.)
Arm Rotation Angle -30°~120°
Tube Rotation ±90°
Detector Rotation ±45°
Motion Control Tube head, detector and wireless remote control


Detector and Subsystems
Built-in Detector 17”x17” amorphous silicon digital detector
Scintillator (fluorescent substance) CsI (Cesium iodide)
Detection Quantum Efficiency (DQE) 65% @ 0.0 cyc/mm
Pixel Size 175 um
A/D Conversion 16 bit (65,536 gradients)
Dynamic Range 4 digits
Image Area Size 425.25 x 425.25 mm (2430 x 2430 pixels)
Preview Display Time under 3 seconds
Exposure Interval (cycle time) 10-12 seconds (wired connection)


Ultra Workstation
System Platform Desktop workstation with touchscreen – duplicate screen on tube head

DICOM 3.0 Compliant features – imaging, annotation, and analysis tools


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