The REGIUS Model 110 HQ offers three read functions—175 µm, 87.5 µm and 43.75 µm—so you can achieve the clinical confidence you need for general radiography and mammography imaging studies. Mammography cassettes can be handled in the same manner as general radiography cassettes, providing the same operability and ease-of-use you’ve come to expect from the REGIUS Model 110 HQ in general radiography imaging.


Space is not an issue. An astonishingly compact design with the smallest depth of 365mm and a footprint of only 0.27m2, the REGIUS Model 110 HQ offers accessibility and an efficient workflow. It offers flexible placement option and two patterns of layout depending on your facility’s specific needs and space limitations.


R110HQ_B3Easy operation with the simple installation of an exposed cassette is assured with the REGIUS Model 110 HQ. The height of the cassette slot is 710 mm, allowing for easy cassette insertion. Enhance the economic value of your imaging investment in the REGIUS Model 110 HQ with the ability to use existing cassettes from the REGIUS 170/190*.


*Only cassettes and plates produced after April 2004 can be used.


Our console variations enable customers to use the REGIUS Model 110 HQ as needed for complete user satisfaction. Model CS-3 includes a user customization function, multi-reader connection structure and an exposure condition key edit function. Execute editing tasks such as adjusting the image processing settings and output requirements by body part. Additional options and functions such as long integrated processing and coordination with X-ray equipment are also available. Model CS-2 with a user distinguished operability for medical practitioners simplifies operation with a body shaped icon. Image processing functions provide optimal images by body part. The unit stores information on adjusted image density and contrast, automatically customizing the images to suit the customer’s needs.

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