Exa Mammo Viewer Features Include:

  • Multiple Acquisition sources for mammography are supported, including the following: CR, FFDM, MR, US, Digitized Scans
  • The mammography viewing station comes with standard PACS tools in addition to features especially dedicated for mammography
    • Auto-Orient Mammograms for fast and easy viewing
    • Quadrant Zoom: single key-click access
    • Synchronized Zoom
    • Chest wall justification: auto back-to-back breasts
    • Invert tissue
    • Measurement tools
    • CAD Counter
    • Integrated report dictation option
  • Supports all major CAD vendors: Structured Reports and GSPS
    • CAD reports stored as DICOM structured reports w/patient files
    • CAD is launched from tool bar
  • Configurable with any monitor
    • Simultaneous gray scale and color monitor capabilities from different modalities
  • Advanced hanging protocols with mammography comparison functionality
  • Left and right images are matched with pertinent priors
  • Mammography tracking and reporting is offered through integrated third party software
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