DryPro Model 832

The world’s smallest medical laser imager utilizes advanced technology to maximize reliability without sacrificing performance. Small yet mighty, the DRYPRO 832 boasts the fastest time to print in the industry at 50 seconds to first print. With a capacity of 90 sheet per hour throughput, this laser imager has enough bandwidth for most imaging environments.

Consistently produce sharp, high definition images with the DRYPRO 832. The system boasts semiconductor laser and precision optics that produce 78.6 µm pixel size; a linear heating system that does not heat a drum enhances durability and stability while saving space.

With the ability to handle four film sizes, 14″x17″, 11″x14″, 10″x12″, and 8″x10″, the DRYPRO 832 is the ideal laser imager for high-quality, efficient imaging.

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