Blue Moon for DR

Blue Moon for DR

Blue Moon for AeroDR® goes beyond typical warranty and equipment servicing with ongoing support—both on-site and remote—technical assistance and applications training, so you can minimize downtime, maximize productivity and eliminate risk throughout the AeroDR product lifecycle. Whether you choose Blue Moon Elite, Select, or Basic, there’s a right-sized plan to meet your needs.


Minimize downtime
Gain peace of mind with Blue Moon and Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas. In addition to providing the most reliable DR and CR solution available today, Konica Minolta’s Blue Moon for AeroDR® delivers dependable technical service around the clock, so you can get the answers you need when you need them. Remote support tools enable quicker problem diagnosis and resolution, including confirming usability of a dropped AeroDR panel, for less downtime and uninterrupted performance.

Maximize productivity
Deliver clinical confidence and efficiency by arming your staff with optimized workflow, the latest software, and annual applications training. Get the newest enhancements to maximize productivity and diagnostic toolsets with Blue Moon. Keep staff well-trained, knowledgeable and equipped with the skills to deliver high quality, efficient exams and enhance clinical confidence.

Eliminate risk
Cover the most expensive components against unexpected failure and high cost surprises. With Blue Moon coverage you can reduce financial exposure from accidental panel damage or catastrophic disaster. Enhance the economic value of your AeroDR® imaging investment by covering software upgrades, training and support costs.

Blue Moon goes beyond typical warranty and repair services for worry-free operation throughout your AeroDR® product lifecycle.

Blue Moon offers three right-sized plans to fit any need.

Blue Moon Elite – Address virtually every scenario impacting equipment, personnel, and unforeseen disaster. This plan is designed for the customer who wants the best possible ownership experience including the best support, latest software, top image quality, and the finest trained staff.

Blue Moon Select – Get up-to-date performance and features combined with comprehensive system protection. If you are looking to maximize uptime with maximum productivity and manage the total cost of ownership for the immediate years to come, then this is the right plan for you.

Blue Moon Basic – Gain peace of mind by protecting against downtime and extending the life of your AeroDR systems. This plan provides a reduced initial investment with the option to purchase additional coverage as needed to help you adapt changing clinical needs.

Each plan is available in a Biomed version for facilities that invest in training its own support staff.

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