Ceiling Suspension Tube Stand Fully Automatic

The heavy-duty X-ray tube overhead support system is characterized by its simple and functional design. With its new light weight design, it guarantees highly precise positioning for an optimal radiographic result.


Pre-configured positioning can be selected from the control station


There are two tracking movements of the tube with respect to the receptor and bucky

Suspension Overhead Tube Crane (OTC) with Wall Stand

When manually moving the receptor, the suspension will move to the requested SID in parallel until it is centered with the bucky. If this is done while in tilting, the OTC will maintain the vertical and perpendicular SID constant by rotating around the receptor.

Suspension OTC with Table

Both receptor and suspension operate by motorized movement followed by auto-centering.

Tilting Wall Stand Vertical Motorization Auto-Position

System possibility of auto-tracking and auto-positioning with the ceiling suspension

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