What is the AeroDR® Portable Retrofit Unit?

The AeroDR® Portable Retrofit unit has been designed to quickly, easily and economically turn your current portable X-ray unit into a digital wireless solution.


Control Station CS-7 Portable


The CS-7 portable control station features the same powerful yet easy to use imaging software environment as found on the CS-7 control station used in general radiography rooms. This common user interface delivers a familiar tool that ensures the same outstanding image quality and usability regardless of the imaging application.

Image preview is delivered in approximately 3 seconds and can be viewed prior to leaving the patient’s side. The CS-7 portable controller can be mounted onto supported portable units using the supplied custom mounting hardware.

CS-7 Operating Platform

  • Study Append
  • Free Text Annotation
  • Automatic Masking
  • Study List Filter
  • History Search
  • Image Zoom
  • Grid Supression
  • HIPPA compliance enabling features (password protection, screen black out)
  • Procedure Code Mapping Tool
  • Study Combine and Move
  • DICOM Store
  • DICOM Modality Worklist
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